Evareium, an Award-Winning Realty Investment Fund Model, Uses Crypto to Build a Digital Era for Real Estate

Apr 11, 2018 at 08:25 // News
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Evaerium uses crypto to build digital real estate

Evareium has won ‘Most Innovative Real Estate Fund of the Year award for its robust realty investment fund model. This model envisages a system which can enable interests to be managed, exchanged, invested, or sold via a simple and transparent digital online ecosystem. The trading operations on the platform are done through a token that will be representing a specific beneficial stake in the fund model.

As per Stefan Hickmott, the founder and CEO of Evareium, the team has actually brought a model of complete private fund investment into today’s digital investment era of real estate—an era that envisions the digitalization of all investment models in the future but that is being pioneered by Evareium. This move foresees a future where a unique for of liquidity via tokenized exchange is developed and becomes a ubiquitous ‘norm’ in our investment lives; such exchange will be a decentralized app working on blockchain.

Because of this pioneering project’s resonance with the crypto world and rising popularity, we have dedicated this piece to exploring Evareium.

Why Digitizing Real Estate is Getting Important?

By bringing a robust tokenized layer representing the ownership of real estate assets, Evareium will make quick, smooth transfer of interests a possibility. Thanks to the visionaries behind it, this project leverages blockchain technology to streamline the way realty assets will be managed. Plus, since it is based on blockchain, the project will effectively eradicated the middlemen, cost inefficiencies and slow processing.

Hickmott believes that the benefits of blockchain will be particularly visible in real estate investments as they are a highly liquid class. Traditionally, transacting property assets is time consuming and challenging—but with this project, things are changing for the better. This platform will eventually benefit all the conventional realty investment models by developing a tokenized exchange layer.

The team working behind this project completely believes that Evareium has what it takes to fundamentally transform the way the world will consume realty investments and comprehend asset ownership. So, the project will definitely create a new era of digitization in the real estate ecosystem. Now, here are some of the top features that will be making this project stand out.

Evareium’s Key Features

This project follows the classic model of limited partnership; this model is trusted by private funds worldwide. However, this model is used by Evareium where all the limited partners will be just a block of the platform’s token subscribers. The blockchain’s exchange will be responsible for delivering confidentiality to investors.

That is, this platform will be able to maintain an investor’s interests exactly like the way they are maintained in a private equity fund—but in this case, the added benefit will be that liquidity has to be built right within the platform. Investors, today, are looking forward to getting a fund that has liquidity of more than 10 years of investment life—and this platform will be delivering that only.

The key focus of this platform will be to add a clear-cut value-added strategy. As per Hickmott, the platform’s funds will be invested in properties having repositioning opportunities, or in those requiring capital expenditures, or in a group of distressed assets. Hickmott adds, “Clearly assets which most suit a REIT-type exit will be the focus, such as office buildings in prime and near-prime locations, light industrial and warehousing units and long-term tenancy assets.”

Considering the pace at which digitization is moving forward, Evareium is an interesting move to introduce blockchain to real estate. Hickmott believes that blending this revolutionary technology with real estate investment is just the start of an exciting future.

Evareium: The Road Ahead is Bright

The benefits that this ecosystem will bring are all about convenience and choice. By tokenizing investors’ entry point along with their interest in funds, this platform will introduce instant exchange and rapid onboarding in a peer-to-peer manner. Also, on this platform, the issuer will not be dealing with the settlement timeframes, costs, and other complexities related to public exchange listing. Nor will they be facing the limitations or burdens generally faced by a limited partner within a conventional private equity fund when she/he has to sell the participation.

Apart from these features, this ecosystem brings a whole new paradigm toward creating fully transparent capitalism that takes real estate by storm. This transparency is achieved by Evareium because the project’s team is committed to using a robust blockchain-enabled architecture and smart contracts. Hickmott along with the project’s core developers is working toward developing an end-to-end symbiotic ecosystem to build a whole new digital era for real estate.

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