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Jun 16, 2017 at 09:16 // News
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ZenDao has identified the current challenges related to the art and collectibles market, such as the lack of a reliable proof of provenance history, market illiquidity, pure valuation methodology and forgery risks.

As of today, art collectors and aficionados still go to auction houses, art galleries or museums to enjoy beautiful pieces of art. Although they constitute high value educational and cultural experiences, the ZendDao team based in Shanghai (China), believes that the industry is ready for disruption and wants to introduce a state-of the-art (no pun intended) experience to enjoy, consume and invest in Art and collectibles.

ZenDao has identified the current challenges related to the art and collectibles market, such as the lack of a reliable proof of provenance history, market illiquidity, pure valuation methodology and forgery risks. By tokenizing collectibles, the platform will link physical assets with their digital representation on Blockchain in order to gain advantages related to the Blockchain technology, such as security, transparency, speed and ease of transacting. While implementing innovative tools, such as the smart script secured trade (“SSST”) and unique authentication mechanism, ZenDaois committed to unleash the high value of the full chronicle of the collectibles’ life cycle, hence allowing history to speak for itself.

Today, art galleries and auction houses such as Sotheby’s are monopolizing the industry only allowing wealthy individuals to own exceptional pieces of art. Museums also constitute unavoidable avenues to enjoy culture and arts. Nevertheless, they fail to attract the interest of younger generations used to access information at their fingertips and need to rethink their model. In addition, the maintenance of such pieces of art represent important sources of expenses for the foundations running the museums. Furthermore, families with tight financial budgets may not be able to afford the cost of travel and entrance fees, which strictly limits their exposure.


Art aficionados, professionals and collectors will be able to use Zendao, a decentralized platform developed on the Metaverse Blockchain to access beautiful collectibles for free and to invest any amount of money in the Art and Collectibles market. The company is launching an ICO on June 23rd, 2017. 70% of the initial number of ZDCs on the platform will be allocated to the public through the ICO. The closing date of fundraising campaign is July 7th, 2017. The price per ZDCs and bonus system will be publicly available on ICO opening date on the official web-page of Zendao (zendao.org).  The project seeks to utilize solutions provided by Blockchain technology in order to create a digital representation of the real-world collectibles on Blockchain and establish an unalterable digital provenance ledger and ownership transfer channel.

By using digital representations, children may be able to use their phone or glasses one day to visit the ZenDao digital museum for free. In addition, less-wealthy investors will soon be able to use their ZenDao tokens to invest in exceptional collections of artwork coming from all around the world. ZenDao aims to provide smooth solutions to complex problems and to createfair and open market standards. They will only need to purchase the amount of ZendDao Coins they feel comfortable to invest and exchange it for a piece of ownership in a beautiful piece of art.The individuals interested in the project are invited to participate to the ICO using BTC, ETH and ETP and will receive ZenDao coins in exchange. 

In the future, the ZenDao team hopes to bring the most famous pieces of arts into every household and hope that families can share together the works of great masters from all around the world. Maybe one day, you and your kids may become the partial shareholder of a Rembrandt or Van Goghexposed in ZenDao’s Museum; who knows?

ZenDao official web-page: zendao.org

Platforms for participation in ZenDao ICO:

  • openledger.hk

  • btc9.com/Ico

  • tokencapital.io

  • btc9.com

  • aimwize.org

  • ICOtime

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