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Jun 14, 2019 at 13:37 // PR
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Today, it is estimated that all the social media networks have a combined total of 3 billion active users. Social media became an indispensable part of many people’s lives. these social media accounts make money online, too. Most people probably assume that they need thousands of followers on social media to earn good money but this isn’t necessarily the case for Vibravid.

What is VibraVid?

VibraVid is a multi-chain, decentralized-model platform designed in creating a place for creators to share their content (audio, video, & photo) and deliver it to the users. The VibraVid team, created a currency called “BeatzCoin” as its center, in which offers both the content creators and users a way to earn money by creating, watching, and listening to what they like. 

How does VibraVid Differ to Other Competitors?


There are a lot of reasons for choosing VibraVid. Above is the comparison between Viravid from the main streaming sites and platforms. In VibraVid, you own 100% of your content and you are paid to what you really DESERVE. VibraVid ensures true trust in what you earn. Most streaming sites and platforms only gives opportunities for the content creators but never the users but with VibraVid gives both content creators and users a way to earn! In Vibravid, it offers users a choice to view advertisements or not and with viewing advertisements they earn BeatzCoin.

What is BeatzCoin? 

BeatzCoin is a cryptocurrency that has value, just like Bitcoin(BTC), and is used in transactions and functions in the VibraVid platform. It is built on the Tron (TRX) network. With the Tron Mainnet will be used for all cryptocurrency transactions made between users. Transaction made within the platform between wallets have tested to be confirmed in 3-5 seconds. BeatzCoin can be bought and used to pay for video and audio content, marketing and advertising by users, creators and advertisers. You can also earn BeatzCoin through airdrops, bounties, content creation, publishing, promotion, sales, rentals, events, event tickets, fan merchandise, tips, crowdfunding donations and staking. 

How Secure is VibraVid? 

VibraVid uses the BitTorrent Protocol. Under this protocol, the transfer of large and highly demanded files will be facilitated without the use of a centralized server. BitTorrent was chosen due to its fast bandwidth speeds, eliminates the possibility of a single point failure, and is a proven decentralized protocol with over 1 billion users worldwide. VibraVid also embeds all video, audio, and image files directly on to the site. This will prevent users from simply right-clicking and download any of the content within the site.

To wrap everything up, if you are looking for a platform in which you want to have the best user experience while earning, then go to VibraVid. VibraVid is here to change the way consumers interact with digital content, while increasing the revenue potential of content creator. Be a content creator and earn money now on the VibraVid Platform!

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