Main Sale Imminent as Denaro Announces Platform to Solve Crypto-liquidity Problem

Feb 13, 2018 at 14:33 // News

Denaro, a blockchain-based Cryptocurrency wallet and Debit card system that is set to go live this year, has announced the details of their impending Token sale. Scheduled to launch on the 9th February 2018, 12:00 UTC, Denaro will be offering its innovative, liquidity solutions token, DNO, to the public.

As the cryptocurrency market faces one of its largest dilemas, liquidity today has become extremely tough on the ecosystem at present. Exchanging cryptocurrencies from one blockchain to the next is now easier than ever, whilst diversifying into fiat currencies has gone the complete other way becoming harder at every other milestone.

Users have often been subjected to needless delays and confirmations before converting their digital asset into fiat. Despite its increasing popularity, merchant services are yet to warm up to the idea of accepting cryptocurrencies due to the complexity associated with integrating blockchain-based payment processor into their existing services. Denaro is set to finally address this problem through its comprehensive payment processing and liquidity suite comprising of:

  • Multi-crypto Debit card with integrated fiat support

  • Customizable and easy-to-use SCI/APIs for merchant services

  • Payment terminals for both crypto and fiat

  • Web wallet and physical debit card for online and offline transactions

  • IBAN for international transactions in fiat.

Crypto Liquidity At Your Fingertips

Gone are the days of juggling different wallets or terminals to accept payments. With Denaro, merchants can now seamlessly accept crypto payments in Bitcoin, Ether, or Denaro within one unified ecosystem through the web or physical payment terminals. Users will be able to store, spend, send, and exchange cryptocurrencies without additional fees attached.

Denaro debit card enables users to confidently spend Bitcoin, Ether, or DNO online or at any PoS/ATM without having to bother about converting first to fiat.

Through its innovative payment ecosystem, Denaro is poised to finally bring cryptocurrency consumption mainstream, making its usage as  intuitive as swiping a card or clicking a button.

Denaro’s adaptive DNO utility tokens will underpin all settlement on the network. The token grants users a slew of exclusive advantages including bonuses, discounts, premium merchant services on the network, and regular dividend distributions from all network processing fee.

Denaro Token Sale

Denaro is offering  a total of 62,500,000 DNO tokens for its public sale, the company will also be rewarding early contributors /investors and community participation with a very rewarding bonus-and-referral commission system, this will issue community members with a 3% bonus for every purchase made by their referrals.

With the main Token sale imminent, the bonus system consists of a 25% bonus for the first 15 million tokens sold, and a further 10% for the following 20 million tokens sold, then 5% for the next 25 million tokens sold.  

The Team

The hand-picked Denaro team are a collective powerhouse of blockchain enthusiasts and are tenured specialists in each of their respective areas of expertise. Their skills and attributes work cohesively toward their commitment to delivering a solution that will act as a cornerstone in cryptocurrency development and change the world for the better.

About Denaro

Denaro is a seamless payment ecosystem bridges the divide between cryptocurrencies and the mainstream market. The platform enables companies and individuals to send, spend, store, and exchange cryptos and fiat through secure web wallets, physical debit cards, merchant payment terminals and IBAN.

Visit the Denaro Website:

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