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May 03, 2019 at 11:52 // News
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Today, the impact of cryptocurrency has gone beyond fintech.

Since the introduction of the Bitcoin over a decade ago, cryptocurrency has taken the fintech industry by storm. Today, the impact of cryptocurrency has gone beyond fintech. From healthcare to education to real estate, almost every sector has been disrupted and revolutionized by cryptocurrency. Even the gambling industry is not left out of the revolution, thanks to TokenRoll. This article will provide a brief review of TokenRoll, a platform that aims to simplify the issues of the online casino industry using cryptocurrency.

What is TokenRoll?

TokenRoll is a cryptocurrency based platform designed to provide a decentralized online gambling platform which will be accessible to every gambler to solve the issues of both the decentralized and centralized online casinos. This pool so created by TokenRoll will allow gamblers to bet directly through fiat currency using the USD Stable Token eliminating the need to interact with the blockchain at any point in time. The system is fuelled by the project's native token denoted by the ticker - TKR.   

The TokenRoll Token (TKR)   

The TokenRoll token TKR is a TRX20 standard token compatible with the TRON platform. In addition to fuelling the system, TKR, the in-house token of the protocol will be used to fund the project as well as the bankroll through the ICO. Talking about ICO, like every cryptocurrency based platform, the TokenRoll team is hosting an ICO where TKR tokens will be sold for more established currencies. The ICO of TKR is currently ongoing, it started on the 30th of April 2019 and will run for a month, until the 30th of May 2019.   

30 million TKR out of a total issuance amount of 100 million TKR is available for the public token sale. The remaining 70 percent not offered for sale in the ICO will be distributed thus;  

        •       65% (65 million TKR) - Minting
        •       3% (3 million TKR) - Team and advisory
        •       2% (2 million TKR) - Bounty   

One TKR token will be offered at $0.03 USD or its equivalent in fiat money (USD), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Tron (TRX).   

To create a steady demand for TRK, the tokens will automatically be bought back by every game's bankroll via the internal exchange of TokenRoll. On the other hand, the token will be supplied via minting by gambling and token generation sale. Players can use their tokens to purchase tickets for weekly jackpots on the platform and to be eligible for the daily profit sharing as well. The main essence of the TRK is to allow players to enjoy decentralized gambling without the need to purchase Bitcoin, Tron or other established tokens.  

Benefits of the TokenRoll Platform

Below are some of the benefits players can enjoy by betting on TokenRoll;   

        •       TokenRoll is a decentralized gambling platform which means there is no centralized authority who controls the functioning of the platform. The platform is based on smart contracts which serve all the users equally, eliminating the possibility of partiality which can occur with centralized gambling platforms.   

        •       The smart contracts of the decentralized casino also allow all the players on the platform to see what's going on for transparency and credibility.   

        •       Online gambling on the platform is divided into different groups including casino, poker, lottery, social gaming, bingo, sports betting, and fantasy sports to cater for all types of gamers and to provide them with the best online gaming experience.   

        •       The platform allows players to bet via fiat currency with the USD Stable Token.   

        •       Users do not have to be tech savvy to use the platform as the betting process does not involve any interaction with the blockchain technology.   

        •       In traditional casinos, payments and withdrawals can take a while. However, on TokenRoll, payment is instantaneous and the number of transactions does not affect its speed or efficiency of as in a traditional casino. Also, the commission charged on transactions is almost negligible to enable seamless transaction of money between users.  

        •       There is no limit to what a player can bet and the return on investment is quite impressive.   


The online betting and gambling industry is projected to experience a rapid increase in growth thanks to a favorable regulatory environment, the increase in global financial prosperity, internet penetration and a number of other factors.   

This expansion will see to new consumers in the market who will require more efficient systems to satisfy their needs. This is where TokenRoll comes in. The platform offers the most privileged and advanced approach to gambling to allow players to make decisions without the risk of manipulation from external parties. This is what TokenRoll offers and this is what the future of online gambling will be about.

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