DDF Announces Fundraising Via Initial Coin Offering

Jul 07, 2017 at 09:02 // News
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An investment of $100 in Bitcoins in 2010 would be worth over $70m today. Crypto currency, or “Digital Money” may just turn out to be one of the best performing investments in history.

Founded as “Domain Developers Fund” under Cayman Islands Mutual Fund Law in 2010, DDF already knows a thing or two about investing in digital assets. DDF holds 1,540 high value domain names such as Audit.com, Exhibitions.com, Swords.com, PR.uk or a portfolio of country.net names (such as Belgium.net or Spain.net). DDF has already realized chart leading sales, for example cars.net for $170,000 USD.

To take advantage of extraordinary growth opportunities in crypto currencies and other digital assets, DDF today rebrands as “Digital Developers Fund”.

DDF will raise investment funds using an Ethereum-based token sale.

In the upcoming token sale, DDF is targeting sale proceeds as high as $60m USD and a cap of 247,500,000 DDF tokens.

The ICO will commence July 10th, 2017, and DDF will provide specific instructions on how to participate, including how participants will need to send Ether to a smart contract.

The bulk of the Ethereum proceeds from the token sale (70%) will be used directly for portfolio investments. A further 15% will be used for a reserve fund, and 15% will be used to fund operations.

With this ICO, the crowd can participate in the growth from digital assets.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the next exponential leap forward in blockchain technology. While the Bitcoin blockchain is used to track ownership of digital currency, the Ethereum blockchain runs the programming code of any decentralized application.

The ramifications of this distinction are huge. Rather than being limited to a single use, like currency, Ethereum is used to create unlimited distributed applications. 

ICOs based on Ethereum are an innovative, democratic funding mechanism. They work by creating new crypto tokens and giving them away in exchange for Ether, the crypto currency.

Details of the ICO will be shared here.

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