Data Broker DAO’s Uses Blockchain Tech to Develop Sensor Data Marketplace, Token Sale Now Live

May 03, 2018 at 15:46 // News
Databroker DAO token sale live

Decentralized marketplace for sensor data, DataBroker DAO, has commenced its main token sale, giving event participants across the world the chance to purchase the platform's native DTX cryptocurrency.

The blockchain-backed platform makes it possible for all device owners to monetize their personal data and gives various business enterprises the chance to amass the most correct and ethically sourced data.

The main token sale is currently underway and is offering DTX tokens for a temporarily discounted rate. DataBroker DAO is using its decentralized marketplace to offer an affordable and ethic service for both buyers and sellers of sensor data.

DTX Token Sale Details

The DataBroker DAO main token sale is running for a total of four weeks, finishing on May 26th, 2018. The event gives buyers a chance to claim 4000 DTX tokens at the exchange rate of 1 ETH. The company have outlayed a referral system that offers participants a 5% bonus on all token purchases using the system. In addition there was also a 10% discount available on DTX purchases on the first day of the sale. There is a KYC procedure to go through to participate in the sale to avoid any future regulation issues.

Important information regarding the Ethereum e-wallet address where DTX tokens can be transferred can be found on the official website. Following the successful completion of the KYC procedure and the confirmation email, buyers can send their ETH to the listed address and claim their DTX tokens.

DataBroker DAO will be initially listed on the digital exchange Chankura, roughly one week after the main sales finishes, which will enable the general public to begin freely trading the token against BTC and ETH.

What can DataBroker DAO Offer the Market?

Everyday devices today create large swaths of user-specific data that go largely unused. This data has huge potential application for data researchers and analysts. The platform offers a unique place to:

  • Trade sensor data in an ethical manner.

  • Eliminate middlemen, reducing intermediary cost.

  • Conduct transparent, open transactions.

  • Exercise complete control of data by owners, letting them sell only what is desired.

  • Gain easy access to accurate and relevant data for organizations and researchers.

  • Take advantage of fast, secure and instant transfer of money.

Global Outreach

The DataBroker DAO 2018 Roadshow is aiming to publicize the many ways that the platform will benefit the market as a whole, and the general public. The team will connect with the public and notable blockchain figures over the tour, which will take them to a large plethora of conferences and summits. The main locations and dates are as follows;

  • May 2nd-3rd: Future Blockchain Summit, Dubai.

  • May 3rd: FPA Connects, Dubai.

  • May 2nd-5th: AND& Festival, Louvain, Belgium.

  • May 3rd-4th: Arch Blockchain Summit, Luxembourg,

  • May 3rd-4th: Blockchain in Health, London, UK.

  • May 12th-13th: World Satoshi Summit, New Delhi, India.

  • June 6th: IOT Smart Cities Convention Europe, Antwerp, Belgium.

  • June 11th-14th: MoneyConf, Dublin, Ireland.

  • July 9th-13th: Rise Conference, Hong Kong, China.

  • October 22nd-25th: SIBOS, Sydney, Australia.

DataBroker DAO aims to offer a fully unique trading platform for data generated by the public through their mobile devices. This should aim companies to ethically acquire data, and the public take back the power from their data.

Learn more about DataBroker DAO’s Platform–

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