IBM’s AI System in Crypto: Solving the Decision-Making Problem in Investing

Feb 26, 2018 at 13:29 // News
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IBM’s AI system in crypto

Today, investors have to make dozens of studies and checks before choosing a venture or cryptocurrency to invest money in. Basically, the crypto market is based on trust and can be considered as one of the most emotional markets in the world. Often, it’s rather difficult to understand which venture will be successful and to make decisions in the jungle of cryptocurrency related crowd-sales and ICOs.

Modern technologies, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can help to solve this problem. Daneel, an intelligent personal assistant, brings data intelligence into the crypto jungle to assist the investor in his daily investment decisions making. To date, it is the only company featuring market emotion analysis on a real-time basis. Moreover, it is powered by the most powerful A.I. in the fields of machine learning and conversational: IBM Watson.

Getting Through the Crypto Jungle

The development of modern information flow networks from one side makes it easier to get any data, fast and easy, however, this flood of information that each investor receives daily raises new concerns. The price of access to a comprehensive, reliable and rapid source of information is a fundamental part of the decision-making process in cryptocurrency investing.

Daneel Assistant provides unchallenged news curation and market emotions analyses through an A.I. assistant which understands natural language. It continuously collects and processes large numbers of words from multiple information sources, including news websites and social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, to give an overview of the actual market trends. The combination of A.I and Blockchain technology allows Daneel’s systems to analyze these data. Furthermore, it is powered by one of the most developed systems on the market in the fields of natural language and emotion analysis: Watson, designed by IBM.

No other company provides that high level of assistance on the crypto-market. Santiment is a data feed and market intelligence platform, but it has no A.I. and only uses data through voluntary contributions from members of their community, which is very limited (from 1 to 12 people per parity). Daneel, on the other hand, gets these answers easily, quickly and on a real-time basis thanks to his AI and IBM Watson, internationally from millions of people.

Real Assistant Based on IBM’s Watson

In December 2017, Daneel announced its partnership with IBM and has become a registered member of the IBM PartnerWorld program (IBM PartnerWorld international contract number: C5C955F4F18F5A56).

Now, Daneel brings its users the advantage of the world’s most powerful cognitive solution, IBM’s Watson Artificial intelligence, that gives a real competitive advantage for our intelligent assistant.

Daneel’s system crawls the Web for its user and uses powerful algorithms to bring reliable cryptocurrency news, signals, and market emotions analyses. The AI considers multiple indicators: economic indicators (market capitalization, price movement, etc.), market emotions (joy, sadness, anger, disgust, fear) and press sentiment (positive or negative).

This makes Daneel a comprehensive trading intelligence which will be a real game-changer. It is the only company to provide at the same time a decision-making tool and trading’s tools, through one single, simple and an accurate Assistant that can learn through conversational mode and will adapt to the user's profile.

Moreover, Daneel will be available with a mobile and a desktop version where the crypto-investors could aggregate and manage all of their wallets safely.

Getting Advantages of a Future Cutting-Edge Tool

Starting January 20, Daneel has released its first product showcase, which illustrates the best features and services of the platform. This is another step forward towards our future mobile application.

The founder of Daneel, Joseph Bedminster, stated:

“I am very proud of my team because everyone has complementary skills and personalities. They are real professionals in their respective fields and they like to share and enrich each other, creating a great and friendly atmosphere of work! I can rely on each of them. I think my team is very good at thinking out of the box, making me very confident for the future of Daneel.”

Now, to boost its development further, Daneel has launched its ICO on January 29. Today investors have an opportunity to get a bonus of up 5% until February 27.

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