The Dacxi Community Exchange Ecosystem “Pioneering A New Category Of Exchange”

Jul 09, 2018 at 08:43 // News
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Dacxi is to introduce community exchange

Dacxi, a new fintech company, is setting out to disrupt the crypto exchange market by introducing an entirely new category of exchange - the Community Exchange. Its goal is to help solve the mainstream adoption problem and empower the everyday investor to take on the world of crypto.

Dacxi’s mission is to help onboard the next wave of mainstream retail investors into crypto by giving them the knowledge and tools to invest in a safe and responsible way. Dacxi estimate that the size of this market is up to 500 million new investors by 2022 with a worth of 1 trillion dollars. To understand why Dacxi thinks these goals are worth pursuing it’s important to understand what they mean by “community exchange”. 


Until now, the crypto market has been made up of two key categories of exchanges:

Trader Exchanges (designed for professional or experienced traders. Typically, these offer a complex and intimidating user experience. Binance and Bittrex are examples of Trader Exchanges). 

Wallet Exchanges (a simpler entry-point for crypto-investors, however with limited support and education. Coinbase is an example of a Wallet Exchange).    

Dacxi’s COO Tim Baxter says: “The problem is these kinds of exchanges are not designed to attract and support mainstream retail investors, who have two key needs that must be met before they will enter the market. They need exchanges that are friendly, simple and easy to use; and they need the support and confidence that comes from a community platform that provides engaging content, discussion and high quality educational resources.”  

This is Dacxi’s point of difference. Dacxi is pioneering a new model it calls the Community Exchange. A Community Exchange is a crypto exchange that is simple to use and comes with a dedicated community platform providing new crypto people with the knowledge, tools and learning resources they need to invest in a safe and responsible way. The community includes formal and informal learning modules and a Coinpedia that contains information on the top crypto coins. It’s a simple and powerful concept that makes a lot of sense. 

Here is a breakdown of the three categories of exchange, and the key differences between them. 

“Everything starts with people,” says Dacxi’s Head of Community Vicky Barker. “We are focused on building the number one global crypto community. The community is live now and built on a scalable platform that can support almost any functionality. As well as user-generated social media content and a Coinpedia containing an objective analysis of the top crypto assets, we’re building a Dacxi Learn platform. Our community members can complete module based courses to learn everything they need to know to invest in a safe and responsible way.”  

Baxter says, “The Dacxi Exchange is in beta and the next update will enable fiat to crypto banking and KYC on-boarding for users from over 100 countries around the world. We anticipate that having fiat to crypto functionality will be a key growth driver. What we’re really building is an ecosystem. We think that one of our strongest points of difference is that unlike most ICOs, our business is already in market.” 

To create a mainstream investor ecosystem, Dacxi has added a third platform. This is Crypto-VC, a platform that aims to help legitimise the ICO market through a patented process that will produce a stream of high-quality investment opportunities for the Dacxi Community and new listings for the Dacxi Exchange. The synergy between the three platforms (the Exchange, the Community and Crypto-VC) is designed to create exceptional business outcomes and a superior user experience for Dacxi customers. The DAC Coin is the community building crypto coin that links the ecosystem together. 


Driving the growth of the Dacxi ecosystem is the DAC Coin – the next big exchange coin. In 2018, exchange coins have been one of the best performing investment sectors in crypto. As well as being a key part of the Dacxi Exchange, the company will use the DAC Coin to fund marketing, community development and software development, incentivise users to join the exchange and community, reward affiliate and bounty programmes and allow the community to purchase premium services. For people who hold 10,000 DAC Coins or more, they’ll gain access to exclusive pre-ICO investment opportunities brought into the Dacxi ecosystem via the Crypto-VC. We believe this will be a key growth driver for the Dacxi ecosystem. 

And like other exchanges, Dacxi has a plan in place to reduce supply and grow the value of the DAC coin over time. 70% of Dacxi’s profits from across the ecosystem will go into buying back DAC Coin quarterly and burning them, thus reducing the amount in circulation until only 50% remain. 

To achieve their goals, Dacxi has a team of 52 based in four offices across the world. 

To learn more about Dacxi, take part in the ICO, or to join their exchange and community, follow the links below. 

Dacxi ICO:

Dacxi Exchange:

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