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CryptoGames created its entire system from scratch

CryptoGames is reigning on the internet as an efficient betting space that has been catering to online crypto gamblers for many years now. The casino provides services that abide by impartial and responsible policies.

The gambling environment that the casino has built for all online gambling enthusiasts is noteworthy and has been brought under the spotlight by many gamblers. Many gamblers from all across the globe are now gathering at CryptoGames to take part in fully crypto-oriented gambling for entertainment. Although the casino operates for a global audience, it serves the crowd from Curacao. The operating company, MuchGaming BV is responsible for handling all the operations of the casino under the jurisdiction of the Curacao Government. 

There are 10 games that include evergreen concepts that reflect the old-school casino themes. Crypto gamblers who are present at the casino, expect noteworthy standards in service and fair gambling policies that support responsible gambling at any cost. CryptoGames created its entire system from scratch to support modern gambling for free. Hence, it gives free access to the casino to all the incoming players as well as the existing players. There are great facilities for the players to make use of while playing the games. Gamblers can get free access to the banking system curated for Play Money, right after they create their account. The special banking system is called Faucet and it only hands out the play currency when requested. Apart from that, the casino supports cryptocurrency banking through trendy systems offering 10 cryptocurrencies. 

The digital currencies are processed without any unwanted delay. The processing of the transactions is cleared within a short time. The players can relish the privilege of using credit cards and several exclusive cryptocurrencies through the exchange system. On the website, the gamblers are also provided with efficient security policies, unlimited rewards, and exciting affiliate programs. 

Gamble with The Latest Games

Although the list of offered games is short and influenced by the old-school gambling essence, all of the games on board are extremely true to their concept. A total of 10 games designed following the latest trends and themes are entertaining the players. To play the games at CryptoGames casino, players can use 10 cryptocurrencies. Using the latest exchange systems, they can convert over 240 cryptocurrencies into any of the 10 cryptocurrencies belonging to the list. The main idea of the casino in terms of creating the games is delivering hidden gems like Keno, Minesweeper Plinko, and many more on their website. 

All of the games have been added to the list after careful analysis of the liking patterns of today's gamblers. The gambling website doesn’t offer any sports betting or other form of betting options apart from the live games. The listed cryptocurrencies are supported for 9 out of 10 games. The only exception in the case is Lottery where only 4 cryptocurrencies- Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin are available for use. 


House Edge: 1.0 % 

The game of rolling a cube of luck has been designed to keep an amazing winning fidelity that ranges from 0.000 to 99.999 to offer maximum opportunity to all the players. It comes as the game that introduces the Crypto gambling experience to beginners. The visual of the game is kept simple with all the necessary functions that a player may need to get through the games. Dice players get the chance to relive the classic game in a completely different avatar. As it also comes in an updated version called DiceV2, players will have the best of both versions to check out. By clearing the objective of the game, and correctly predicting the outcome, players bag amazing rewards from the casino.



House Edge: 2.7% 

The sight of a modern Roulette table is quite rare in online casinos. Especially if they are based on digital currencies. CrypotGames included the European Roulette consisting of half the house edge compared to the American version. This lower house edge is provided because of how the wheel is designed to have 37 numbers with one 0. However, the game pays out to the players according to the American version after the players successfully land into the winning neighbors. This means, to fulfill the objectives of the game, players must carefully pick the neighbor bets using their own strategies or with the help of the 4 predetermined settings in the “Neighbour Bets” feature. 


House Edge: 1.97%

The slot machine presented at CryptoGames aptly resembles an actual slot machine with no delayed processing or lag. When the players spin the slot machine the symbols displayed on the reels must create one of the winning combinations. If players are successful in clearing the objective of the game by securing one of the 7 winning combinations without following any specific order, then they will bag one of the payouts according to the values each combination carries. Players may adjust the bet's size or amount at the beginning of the game and even select their settings to run for several bets under customized conditions.


House Edge:  1.25%

Blackjack, recognized to many as 21, is a very common card game that gamblers are seen to be playing at casinos, friendly gatherings, and even online spaces. Its modern version at CryptoGames took a turn for its modern players and has established itself as a highly engaging game with clear guidelines. Players may clear the objective of the game after beating the house dealer with a better score than theirs. If a hand consists of 21 points and avoids exceeding the total, then there are high chances that the opponent will cross it and end up losing the game. This means by leading your opponent to end the game by exceeding 21 points, will result in your win and their loss.   


House Edge: 1.72%

  • Green ball- 1.63%

  • Red ball- 1.84%

  • Blue ball- 1.52%

  • Yellow ball- 1.56% 

With 4 different house edges, players get to enjoy Plinko in its truest version at CryptoGames. The game is curated according to the themes presented on the televised show "The Price is Right". The design of the whole game has been set up to resemble the original version where the game is played on a pyramid filled with wooden pegs. The gamblers at CryptoGames can clear the objective of the game by having their chosen ball land in a winning slot. Plinko is comparatively an easy game to start crypto gambling with.

Video Poker

House Edge: 2.09% 

  • Jacks or Better- 2.11%

  • Tens or Better- 2.08%

  • Bonus Poker- 2.09%

In the casino to deliver the ultimate gambling experiences aside from Blackjack, the crypto version of Video Poker has been highlighted including its three versions. The game brought three of its extension along with their own house edges and payout tables. After setting up the bet size and amount, players may choose any one of the following versions: Bonus Poker, Tens or Better, and Jacks or Better to play in each round. To successfully clear the objective of the game, players form one of the winning combinations with 5 cards. There are options to automatically keep the cards that are dealt in every round through the "Smart Hold" function. The casino offers simplistic guidelines for the entire version.  


House Edge: 1.0 % 

To add a more modern touch to the original layout, CryptoGames brought about DiceV2 with an extremely innovative design. The game made it to the list as the 9th edition, last year. DiceV2 offers a great winning range just like Dice. And it comes with a similar objective. Dicev2 also offers the same feature and jackpots for the players. In the upgraded version, the game brings easy-to-master guidelines. 

To clear the objective successfully in the upgraded version, players try to land their dice on the green zone specified for the winning percentage and payout multiplier. Following the same steps as Dice, players make their bet for DiceV2 and play for the lucrative reward amount. Players can explore the new architecture by adjusting their bets through the slider bar instead of using the regular tabs.  


House Edge: 1.0 % 

Gracing the casino with its special nostalgic essence, Minesweeper is available in the most lucrative outlook at CryptoGames that has cool features like the Random Select for fields and Auto Bet feature for playing many rounds of bets for selected (can be random) fields. There are 25 boxes on the field and they can be customized according to the level players want to clear in each bet. The game is one of the highly lucrative games to start gambling with as a beginner. By clearing the easy objective of the game, players may earn a lucrative amount of rewards in each bet. The players can set a target to clear certain difficulty levels according to their skills. Minesweeper is one of the games that can help you to bag small stacks of crypto rewards to add up to a lot within a short time. 


House Edge: 1.0 % 

Drawing Lottery tickets for crypto rewards is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy crypto gambling. The version of the most classic gambling games at CryptoGames casino is unmatched in terms of entertainment. With a ticket, crypto gamblers can win the entire prize amount in each round. The casino only allows the use of 4 cryptocurrencies for the game. The rewards are also given in the 4 cryptocurrencies. The winners who are chosen in each round take home the entire prize amount without giving back any share to the casino. The days for draw vary upon which one of these coins players use for the ticket purchase: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin.   


House Edge: 1.0 % 

The recently added creation has already gained a lot of appreciation for its old school mixed with a modern objective. The game has a visual that is similar to the one players find in Minesweeper. The latest creation comes with a chic architecture consisting of a neat poll of numbers and useful features. Keno adds more variety to the games list as its essence reflects the growing potential of entertainment through old-school games. If players are successful in clearing the objective of the game, then they can win a lucrative amount of rewards in every bet. The simple objective of the game requires players to randomly or manually pick 1-10 numbers from a poll of 40. The bets for Keno can also be made through the Auto Bet function.  

Jackpots of rewards

Since the casino shows promising potential in entertainment, it works to provide different ways to engage the players in betting around the casino. The players test out various strategies for winning bigger value prizes through Jackpots offered in Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette. While Dice and DiceV2 share the same set of rules for their progressive jackpots, Roulette comes with its own set of rules where if the bet result matches all the rules then players will be guaranteed to win the jackpot. The rewards range from 1% to 100%. 

Setting a new account and making transactions

A new account can be created in the casino by following a short process that is completely free for everyone. The registration policy gives out players the casino's free currency, Play Money. Only full registration gives the players full access to the casino's transaction system which includes deposits, exchanges, and withdrawals facilities. There are 10 popular cryptocurrencies offered for the global crypto gambler community. Fully registered players are eligible to use their very own cryptocurrencies to enjoy crypto gambling effortlessly. 

The regular system offers functions that players can get access to directly from the casino. On the side, players get full access to using credit cards and a fully advanced banking method for exchanging their cryptocurrencies. They can deposit fiat currencies through their credit cards and use any cryptocurrencies to convert to the ones listed for the games. There are detailed guidelines for the players to follow for making withdrawals and deposits. The casino also provides necessary guidelines for using the advanced platforms, Onramper and ChangeNow. Supported cryptocurrencies for the games are:




Bitcoin Cash, 



Ethereum Classic, 




User protection and bonus features

At CryptoGames the strong security system preserves user data and funds through SSL encryption and google 2FA features right from the minute a new account is fully set up. The security measures ensure safety for every withdrawal through adequate measures. There are additional measures like Email Verification to protect user funds and data aside from the 2FA system. Withdrawal requests are only processed after the account owners grant permission for the funds to be transferred. Besides its reliable security system, CryptoGames offers its players a fair opportunity to win additional rewards and bonuses through lucrative features for completing any activities in the casino. 

The rewards can be earned by engaging in the Chatbox or contributing to the community by building a friendly environment. All players at CryptoGames are given equal chances to earn their fair share of rewards through the Rainbot and Faucet features based on their player levels. As mentioned above, apart from the lucrative amount of rewards given out through the games, Progressive Jackpots also hand out additional opportunities to win big rewards in every bet. On top of that, participating in the monthly betting events also allow curious gamblers to win monthly VIP memberships, VIP title, amazing drop on Dice’s house edge, absolutely no server delay for every bet, bets can be placed with better exchange limits, access to the VIP chatroom and many more.  

Promotional links and banners

After completing their registration, gamblers at CryptoGames are given access to Play Money and the promotional referral links that rewards them for promoting the casino to others. On the website, there is a tab labeled "Promotions" located at the footer section of the homepage. Players can share the promotional links, and participate in the promotional events to participate in the promotion of the casino. By promoting players to the gambling crowd of the internet, players get rewarded by the casino in great amounts. If a successful promotion has been made, then the referrers bag 15% off the house edge from the bets made by their referred players. Regardless of their winning status, the casino rewards the referrers as per the rewarding policy. Players will find the links to promotional banners and promotional events from the FAQ section or the tab located at the footer. To share the Referral links, players can find them through the "Rewards" tab which is located under the "Invite A Friend" section.

Dependable modern architecture

The entire architecture of CryoptoGames is based on a blueprint that ensures a lightweight, fast, uninterrupted service experience accessible from any device. The crowd doesn't have to worry about being interrupted by unnecessary pop-ups or redirecting links that appear in the middle of their betting rounds. The homepage of the website presents all the dedicated tabs and links that lead to the games and other important information. All of the links lead the players towards precisely presented data and the casino's main attraction, the games. All of the features are available for the players regardless of what devices they use to play at the casino. 

The layout of the casino presents the link to the FAQ, BLOG, Forum, Chat Rules, and Support pages on the homepage in the neatest way possible. The information is aligned in such a way that it can be explored easily. All gamblers have the privilege to find out whether or not their best results have been processed fairly by putting the hash and seeds into use. The results can be analyzed following the steps mentioned in the games section. The casino has kept a clear guideline set to help the players with the process of rechecking their results.  Within the user interface, CryptoGames promotes many fair gambling policies that allow the tracking and analysis of the results to its players.

Final thoughts 

In all fairness, CryptoGames is gradually building up a strong reputation over the internet platforms for its well-equipped website. The casino is all prepared to serve both experienced and novice gamblers as a space that is built with fair, safe, and responsible entertainment foundations. CryptoGames list of 10 handpicked games is always maintained and updated efficiently to match the expectations of the users without any lag or interruptions. The overall architecture of the casino system promotes innovative resources and creative events to cater to the digital crypto wagerers. Its responsible gambling policies and safety measures are receiving attention from the new gambling enthusiasts. There they can also find features that are being updated from time to time to add more depth to the layout. CryptoGames' highly engaging events and rewarding promotional events offer great opportunities in crypto gambling. 

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