Greek Actor Collects Cryptocurrency Donations to Support Victims of Fire in Athens

Jul 29, 2018 at 22:36 // News
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Argyris Xafis started the charity campaign on his Twitter page to supports for victims of a horrible fire near Athens

Argyris Xafis, a famous Greek actor, shows supports for victims of a horrible fire near Athens by collecting donations in cryptocurrency.

The fire broke forth on Monday, July 23, forcing people to leave their homes and run for their lives. The number of injured is constantly increasing, the death toll has already hit 80 people, with many others missing. The fire has spread to villages to the West and North-East of Athens.

Argyris Xafis started the charity campaign on his Twitter page on July, 25 as he realized that lots of people have lost everything in a blink of an eye and showed a willingness to help.

He also informs his subscribers on the campaign progress.

Argyris stated:

“We, the crypto community, have the duty to stand up for the people in need and provide our support in these difficult times. Please use the below button to donate to those families that were hit by the recent catastrophic events. Make sure you share this page with the rest of the crypto community; as more members become aware of our cause, the closer we get to reaching our goal. Thank you in advance for your support and contribution.”

The first round of donations will be closed on Monday, July 30. Xafis will exchange the crypto for fiat and then transfer the money to the government account IBAN GR4601000230000002341195169

Anyone willing to support his campaign and help people suffered from fierce nature can make one’s own donation at

Argyris Xafis  is famous for such movies as Ap' ta kokala vgalmena (2011), The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea (2018) and Kaneis de hanei s' ola (2000). He also won the 'Dimitris Horn Theater Award' in 2002 for his part in the play "The Turn of the Screw" by Jeffrey Hatcher.

Nota Bene: The first round of donations is closed with total contributions amounting to 4226€. Total cryptocurrency donations amounted to 0.50304 BTC. In the nearest time Argyris is going to exchange crypto to fiat and transfer the funds to their destination of helping those suffered from the nature disaster. He also did a good job on transparency showing people how crypto and blockchain really work.

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