Cryptocurrency Global Community Turns to VR due to Coronavirus

Mar 13, 2020 at 09:13 // News
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Cryptocurrency events will take place virtually

The Outbreak of the Covid-19 Strain and it’s subsequent spread to many parts of the globe has caused the cancellation of several cryptocurrency events worldwide. Event organisers are switching to Virtual Reality Technologies to Enable cryptocurrency meetups and discussions take place.

Avoiding Physical Contact and Keeping the Community Active

The cryptocurrency ecosystem developed over the years with hundreds of companies employing thousands of people from across the globe. After the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, the need to work from home and avoid public places became more eminent. Many cryptocurrency exchanges shifted their workforce to work remotely indefinitely.

Meanwhile the cryptocurrency work force is affected by the Covide-19 strain, cryptocurrency conferences as well are affected. Yeary hundreds of cryptocurrency conferences and meetups take place in many cities of the world. These meetups bring together prominent innovators and creators within the industry.

Meanwhile tech companies such as Apple, Amazon and Google may not remain profitable if workers don't report to office, cryptocurrency companies such as Coinbase is not affected. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized technology that enables each node in a network to contribute from any area on the platform without necessarily meeting physically. 

Shifting Cryptocurrency Events to Online VR Meetings

The global cryptocurrency ecosystem is kept healthy and active through meetups, conferences, hackathons  and meatspace events. These events host thousands of cryptocurrency innovators, researchers, government policy makers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all over the world. However, in the face of the deadly coronavirus, these events can no longer be approved by local government authorities.

The versatile cryptocurrency ecosystem is changing to virtual reality and the power of the internet to hold cryptocurrency events. One of the World’s biggest blockchain expo which was scheduled to take place in March 17 had to be suspended indefinitely. Another major event, the Bitcoin 2020 in San Francisco was also canceled.

There are series of upcoming remote cryptocurrency conferences in a desperate attempt to use Virtual Reality to replace meetings. Among the many virtual meetups are Lightning Loop, Socratic Seminar. An active telegram channel has been set up to keep updating cryptocurrency enthusiasts of all the upcoming events.

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