Blockchain Startup CrowdHolding Undergoes Platform Overhaul

May 26, 2018 at 07:17 // News
CrowdHolding undergoes update

The blockchain-based website CrowdHolding has gone through a major platform upgrade which now allows blockchain synergies and automatic cryptocurrency transfers.

Ethan Clime, CEO of CrowdHolding stated in a recent interview that he believes that the company is on the verge of connecting users and businesses through smart contracts in a trusted and transparent environment. This will allow tokens to seamlessly move from our clients to users through the Ethereum blockchain network.

Rewarding Crowdsourced Feedback

The platform allows members to join the community, answering questions for companies. Entrepreneurs gain feedback on how to refine their offerings, and the most active community members can work directly with the companies, called ‘CrowdHolders’. The company has come a long way since its launch in January of this year when it raised $2,000,000 and 17,000 members signed on.

Ethan went on to mention that CrowdHolding is aiming to facilitate the world’s potential through co-creation. With 80% of the developed world going online, such communities are providing an great way for people to interact with each other, learn new skills, solve issues and discuss and debate. Since July 2016 the company have been working hard to create the perfect co-creation platform for businesses and the community.

The community now has 57 projects members can weigh in on, and be rewarded with 29 different tokens. The recent overhaul now lets users instantly withdraw any rewards received for giving valuable insight to projects. These projects included established enterprises like Deep Onion, Intelligent Trading Foundation and Peculium among other blockchain startups.

The YUP Token

The CrowdHolding platform token is called the YUP token, which lets users invest as well as purchase products and services within the ecosystem.  Users also need the YUP token to access the platform in the first place.

Users can be purchased from an exchange, but can also be obtained through other methods. People can select a project here, and provide a solution to whatever the company needs. Tasks can be defined as easy (5000 YUP reward), medium (10,000 YUP reward), and hard (15,000 YUP reward). Tokens are rewarded based on upvotes, and solutions with the most upvotes receive the most tokens.

The tokens are given to community members through bounty campaigns and are also used to manage ideas and co-create with the community.

Aligned Motives Benefits All

As all parties motives are aligned, when YUP grows, all parties benefit. CrowdHolding aims to increase daily active users to 10,000 in the upcoming months, and be home to over 100 businesses.

As more businesses sign on and more community members contribute, YUP should become more valuable and secure higher liquidity. The token is already traded on IDEX, OctaEx, and CoinHub. CrowdHolding is also looking to release a crowdfunding module in the future, allowing users to re-invest YUP tokens into other blockchain projects.

The launch of a crowdfunding service would enable users to potentially influence (and be rewarded) throughout the whole life cycle of a company, from token sale all the way to mature growth. No exact date for the launch of the crowdfunding place has been announced.

Learn more about CrowdHolding by visiting their website and reading their blog posts on Medium. Chat with CrowdHolding’s team on Telegram, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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