Cryptocurrency Users Get Coronavirus Survival Tips

Mar 02, 2020 at 08:12 // News
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Cryptocurrency community will survive coronavirus

The online cryptocurrency community recently went into overdrive sharing preparatory tips for surviving the coronavirus. The community discussed a widening of possibilities a coronavirus pandemic could mean to the crypto markets. The most amusing aspect was the discussions of tips and tricks to stay alive during a possible pandemic.

Cryptocurrency Users Team up on Twitter to Survive Coronavirus

The community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts on twitter recently went into overdrive discussing tips and tricks for surviving the COVID-19. The Crypto Twitter handle updates developments on coronavirus as the events happen. Users talked about what if a disaster plan incase the coronavirus becomes a pandemic.

The ringleader of the discussion also created a google document shared on the community summarizing the outbreak and updating new developments in real time. The document also provides historical background and links for further readings on the topic of COVID-19.  Additionally the doc has a list of people to follow on twitter to get the latest updates regarding the coronavirus.

Some of the users on the online community expressed excitement in wanting to test how bitcoin would respond to such a disruptive event on a global scale. After some media houses publishing the newsletter from the online forum, many major exchanges across the world revealed their pandemic survival plan.

As, a world blockchain news outlet, has reported, the volume of over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading has increased as people tend to show more interest to virtual money, preferring them to paper banknotes as the latter might be potentially contagious. 

Bitcoin Exchanges Could become the Major Financial Institutions in a COVID-19 Pandemic

Many bitcoin exchanges boost the hosting of thousands of remote employees all over the world. US Based Bitcoin exchange said it had prepared a pandemic survival plan during its first launch in 2011. The exchange revealed that it has more than 800 online employees who work remotely from different parts of the globe.

Many people however are more interested in survival strategies for keeping alive during a COVID-19 pandemic. Series of conversations focused on short-mid and long term survival drills in a lockdown situation.

On the other hand, there are more than 83,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus across the world. The number of fatalities now stands at 3,000 people with a huge percentage coming to Hunan province in China, the Epicenter of the Virus.

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