Russia Adopts a Code of Conduct for Dealing with Artificial Intelligence due to its Widespread Use

Oct 28, 2021 at 09:25 // News
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Human rights must not be harmed

As artificial intelligence (AI) is widely used in numerous areas of human life, there is a need to regulate it in order to eliminate the potential dangers of the technology. For this reason, Russia has developed a Code of Conduct for this innovation.

The Code was signed on October 26 by the Russian government and the country's largest companies from various sectors. The list currently consists of 20 companies, including Gazprom, Sberbank, Rostelecom, Skolkovo, Yandex, VK and others. It is expected that by the end of 2021 another 100 companies will join the Code. The Code was adopted as part of the National Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence by 2030.

According to the government's official website, the Code of Conduct aims to increase confidence in artificial intelligence-based solutions and combat potential threats associated with the technology. So far, it includes 32 points, with a focus on a human-centric approach.


Raising concerns

The proliferation of artificial intelligence is raising concerns among some citizens. As reported by CoinIdol, a world blockchain news outlet, Russian bailiffs fear losing their jobs due to the use of AI. The Federal Service of Court Bailiffs announced plans to use automated AI-based solutions to take over 80% of the tasks currently performed by humans.

On one hand, such a solution aims to reduce the workload of officers, as they tend to be overworked, and eliminate the risk of errors. If the project is successful, it will significantly optimize the work of bailiffs and reduce the bureaucratic burden of performing routine tasks. On the other hand, such a possibility raises legitimate concerns that humans may eventually be completely replaced by AI.

The Code of Conduct will regulate the use of innovation in a way that does not harm people and their opportunities for self-fulfillment. It also calls on all stakeholders to cooperate in the development of universal AI-based systems, to inform citizens about their interaction with AI algorithms, and to stop their use in case of objections from the public.


Plans for implementation

Russia is developing numerous projects based on artificial intelligence. Back in May 2021, the country established a special department to explore the potential of this technology. Its first research was devoted to the implementation of AI for pilotless aircrafts.

By 2023, the country plans to launch at least 3 innovative projects with a total cost of over $100 million. In addition to automating the work of bailiffs, the country plans to introduce AI-based systems for tracking and preventing rail violations and hunting stolen and improperly registered cars.

Russia is one of the leading countries in researching and implementing artificial intelligence. No wonder the sector needs a regulatory framework given its rapid growth. That's why Russia has joined 20 other countries, including the US, China, the UK and others, in developing a code of conduct for the industry.

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