Next Step In Analytical Evolution Based Upon Hybrid Intelligence

Aug 25, 2017 at 10:09 // News
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Computers have helped revolutionize the realm of international finance, especially with the increasing use of artificial intelligence in creating algorithms to analyze and predict trends in the marketplace.

Yet a new and massive change is coming to the financial world in the form of Cindicator, which takes the logical and computing power of AI and merges it with the collective intelligence and experience of human beings. The Cindicator project is a decentralized ecosystem that uses this hybrid intelligence to allow for more efficient asset management in making decisions in the face of the cloud of uncertainty that permeates the new economy. Unlike other financial applications, Cindicator uses its powerful engine to provide up-to-date analytics, opportunities, and trends in many different areas: finance, art, politics, technology, and even sports.

The next step in analytical evolution

The use of Cindicator will mark the next step in analytical evolution, and people will be able to take an active part when the token sale for Cindicator begins on September 12th and lasts through October 12th. During this time, interested individuals can purchase CND (Cindicator tokens) through the use of various digital currencies.


The strength of the Cindicator project is its community-driven infrastructure based upon hybrid intelligence, the natural evolution from relying upon artificial intelligence alone. Artificial intelligence is powerful in that it removes sentiment from any decision-making process and that millions of data points can be quickly analyzed. Yet people have something to offer as well in the form of intuition, experience, and knowledge. People have been shown to be amazingly correct in making predictions when grouped together into a large collective. Hybrid intelligence is shaking up the financial industry by marrying the collective wisdom of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of individuals and overlaying that data with the precise and logical power brought to bear by AI. Hybrid intelligence has been proven to be extremely astute in predicting trends and investment opportunities in many different financial markets and has generated a higher rate of return that standard AI algorithms.

Cindicator is a powerful tool in managing assets that encompasses traditional markets, such as stocks and futures, and crypto-assets. The fact that this ecosystem is decentralized ensures that inherent biases are removed from any analysis, allowing for a much more accurate collective output. Another important factor is that Cindicator draws from a wide range of individuals when gathering collective intelligence and not just the same tired group of financial talking heads, which means that the echo chamber that currently exists in the financial world is removed. Those who purchase Cindicator tokens (CND) will be able to use market indices and sentiments that are generated by the hybrid intelligence; many different indicators for traditional and crypto-markets, such as rising or falling asset price probability and the probability of beating consensus in corporate and macroeconomic events; auxiliary service products for trading, such as portfolio monitoring products and Telegram bots; and numerous analytical products, such as investor portfolio analysis and market condition analysis. The Cindicator project is more than just cutting-edge tools and data for making investment decisions. It also allows one to monetize their intellectual assets without risking any personal funds by providing forecasts and information to the project that turn out to be accurate. Contributors can earn Cindicator tokens (CND) by being an effective member of the community. Cindicator has a proven track record of outstanding experience in regards to analyzing financial matters. It took part in the first batch of the Moscow Exchange fintech incubator from November 2016 through March 2017, and Cindicator finished that trial by being ranked as the top-performing startup. Beginning in January 2017, the Cindicator project has performed test integrations with 11 hedge funds and 3 banks 

The Cindicator token sale will begin on September 12th, 2017, and last through October 12th. The project aims to raise $15 million through the sale of CND tokens to interested buyers during this time period. There will be a White List of ecosystem members who have supported the project, allowing them to participate in a private presale for tokens. This White List guarantees that our early contributors are rewarded for their faith and energy that has propelled Cindicator to where it stands today and helps protect the interests of the entire ecosystem and community. Interested parties can purchase CND through the use of the following digital currencies: BTC and ETH. One CND will equate to one cent of fiat currency. An important consideration on whether to participate in the Cindicator token sale is a person's country of residence. Tokens can not be bought or held by residents of the United States, Singapore, and other countries where the sale of tokens may require registration as a security.

Demand should be high as Cindicator and its use of a decentralized hybrid intelligence framework will mark the next step in the evolution of asset management that will have a major impact upon the world of international finance.

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