Caviar’s Leaders Predict What’s Coming for Cryptocurrency and Real Estate in 2018

Dec 27, 2017 at 10:13 // PR

The cryptocurrency market cap has increased exponentially in the past 12 months, setting a new market cap record this week at over $600 billion. As the world awaits the start of the new year, many questions are in the air around all things crypto from what’s in store for traditional investors jumping into the game to how regulation will impact an overall market that some predict will crash or end up as a bear market in 2018.

Here with some of the possible answers are a round-up of 2018 predictions for financial and real estate markets alike from the leadership team at  Caviar, a platform that offers a token with access to income producing real estate debt and fast-growing cryptocurrencies, with built-in downside protection and automatic diversification:

Alex Shvayetsky, Partner

“Significant growth of the market will continue fueled by institutional players’ involvement and continuous mass adoption.  However, uncertainty remains that almost guarantees high volatility.  Risks still exist that any major negative event, such as new regulations or a security vulnerability exploit could shake public confidence and cause a crash and bear markets in the mid-term.”

Guy Neumann, Partner

“Demand for first-time home buyers will increase as Millennials will start leaving urban areas for the suburbs to start their families. Additionally, the Baby Boomers will be looking to downsize their existing homes as they enter retirement years.  This will increase the demand for new construction homes in the first-time home buyer segment of the industry.  Prices of homes will continue to increase as the housing market continues to recover from the 2008 market collapse.  I predict that mortgage rates will continue to climb in 2018 thus increasing the urgency for those who have yet to purchase a home or those who are in need of upgrading their home to move in that direction. This will further increase the demand for new housing in both the first-time home buyer segment and the secondary home segment of the industry.”

David Drake, Advisor & Chairman of LDJ Capital

“I think there will be a correction when the SEC comes out with stringent rules this winter. Hopefully they won’t be too stringent but I can see market adjusting with 30 to 40% on the cryptocurrency side of things. However, it will recoup and will see over $30,000 Bitcoin prices mid-2018 and we should see Ethereum hit at least $1,500 within the next few months.”

James Sowers, ICO Advisor, Angel Investor and Crypto Capitalist

“Diversification in various classes of crypto is the best strategy for the majority of institutional investors that will pile into the space in 2018. By late 2018 real estate will become a major part of the crypto asset class. Caviar is at the forefront of the  crypto real estate movement.”

Gabriel Jarrosson, Advisor, French Entrepreneur, Crypto Investor and Founder of a private crypto investment group

“2018 will probably be crazy. I’d say there’s a 50/50 chance Bitcoin crashes, and 50/50 chance Bitcoin reaches $100K.”

David Wirth, Data Science Advisor and NASA-recognized Inventor

“I cannot predict what will happen in 2018 with regards to crypto – the market data is far out of historical norms, and much of it will be determined by the actions of government regulators which are also difficult to predict.  In short, I would recommend caution and  diversification in the face of great uncertainty. As far as ETH vs. BTC vs. other crypto – the data shows strong correlation between BTC and all other cryptocurrencies not tied to hard assets – investing in BTC will (in the long run) net you roughly the  same gains or losses as any other straight cryptocurrency. ICOs are a different story, they can offer higher yields, or more diversified portfolios to safeguard against risky markets, which is a strategy that sets Caviar apart from the crowd.”

Mike Savchenko, Advisor and CTO at

“Big financial institutions are going to join the cryptocurrency world, so I believe next year all bets will grow significantly.”

Ivan Labrie, Advisor and Top Trader on

“We’re coming to an end of the last two-year bull market in crypto, going into a phase where projects can mature, until they are ready to achieve new heights and bring more market participants onboard. Caviar can be a great project, helping to move this ecosystem forward and evolve. With careful positioning in and out of crypto assets, and also leveraging the fund’s loan portfolio, volatility might not affect the fund’s returns at all, it could come up ahead easily. I also operate in the equities, currencies and commodities space, and there are interesting developments coming our way. A bull market in energy, the adoption of EV vehicles growing exponentially for years to come and the return of stock picking are some that are my focus right now. Valuations are stretched, but not across the board. This bodes well for the fund, as I don’t see the housing market slowing down anytime soon, with the prospect of rates declining again, and tax cuts in the horizon.”

Kirill Bensonoff, Partner at Caviar

“With all of the hype and uncertainty in the marketplace around all things crypto, you may find yourself looking for more than one basket to put your eggs into. Whether it’s a bear market or a crash –  diversification and downside protection are two assets among assets that can’t hurt.”

Caviar’s crowdsale will run through January 31, 2018. Visit to learn more about their pioneering approach to create a dual-purpose token and crowdfunding platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

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