Bytus Enters the World of Cryptocurrency With a Bang After its Super-Successful ICO

Feb 28, 2020 at 10:24 // PR
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Bytus is bound to instill life into the crypto-market.

Bytus is revolutionizing the world of cryptocurrency by finally entering the market after its ICO’s phenomenal performance. Stirring hope among the investors, Bytus is bound to instill life into the crypto-market.

After Bitcoin and Ethereum lost their charm, the investors gave up on the idea of investing in cryptocurrency. However, it was not long enough when Global Digital Payment by Altug Tatlisu launched the Bytus Token. Due to its highly innovative blockchain technology, the investors were eager to try their luck with it. As a result, the company raised $850,000 and was able to monetize almost half of its entire number of tokens that it initially offered. Since its launch, Bytus is performing phenomenally well in the market.

With its presale in May 2018, the company became the first one to take the applications of cryptocurrency seriously. The company soon designed its ICO, and Bytus was undoubted a massive success. Out of the 167 ongoing projects, Bytus ICO was one of the top five to raise the highest funds. In just one week, Bytus raised $21,000,000. It was an indication of how promising this crypto product was. It came as a hope for investors and convinced them that cryptocurrency still is the future of payments.

With Bytus, the company aims to make crypto a highly-secure and efficient mode of payment. It is a complete crypto eco-system that comprises a crypto bank, wallet, token, and Bytus’ private blockchain. Merchants have been trying to make trade agile, but it was not until Bytus stepped into the market that it actually became possible. Bytus allows its users to make their payments by converting cryptocurrency into fiat and vice versa. The primary purpose of Bytus is to make crypto a common mode of payment across all retailers.

When it comes to security, Bytus is reliable as it does an amazing job in securing sensitive user information. The Bytus Crypto Bank features the latest technology, which guarantees safety and security.

Before Bytus, crypto as a mode of payment was only in the talks. It is under Altug Tatlisu that crypto became a part of purchasing. Bytus users can access a variety of different retail stores that accept payment through bytus token. Moreover, it a type of crypto eco-system where the users can pay through Bytus’ mobile service, which significantly lowers the cost of commissions.


Global Digital Payment, founded by Altug Tatlisu, came into existence in the year 2018. The company came into the world when cryptocurrency was in danger. Since the very beginning, the company has worked to bring the sector of cryptocurrency back to life by incorporating its various applications through the Bytus eco-system. With Bytus, the company aims to make financial transactions safe and secure.

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