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Sep 26, 2022 at 10:30 // News
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Audentes Fortuna iuvat!

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others are back at prices from years prior, shocking market participants and those watching from the sidelines.

While this harsh reality is painful for those who held on the way down, for everyone else, and even for holders, such severe corrections are an ideal opportunity to buy the dip, lower your cost average, and take up more advanced strategies. 

Here is how those interested in crypto at these levels can buy, hold, and trade with PrimeXBT. 

Be Bold And Buy The Blood In The Streets

All throughout the bull market in crypto over the last several years, you heard the same thing: “I wish I bought Bitcoin back at $20,000.” The same comments were said regarding just about any altcoin trending at the time. Today, those same assets are back at prices from many years ago, yet the same investors are too fearful to take the risk.

There is a Latin proverb “audentes Fortuna iuvat” that translates to “fortune favors the bold.” The idea behind the concept is that those who take risks or boldly do what others are afraid to do are who receive the fortune in the end. Buying the dip in crypto might feel risky during the current macro backdrop, but to get the most reward, you have to have the guts to buy the blood in the streets.

With PrimeXBT, users can easily buy crypto in a matter of a few clicks or taps, depending on if they are using the browser-based website or the award-winning mobile application. Digital assets are immediately deposited to a secure PrimeXBT wallet system protected by a proprietary cold storage process.

Stuck Holding? Don’t Sell – Trade With PrimeXBT

If you already hold crypto and have held it on the way down, good for you, brave investors. You have proven you have the guts, so why sell now? Selling the bottom is worse than not selling the top or on the way down. When prices reverse, you have even more regret to live with.

PrimeXBT lets traders avoid selling their crypto assets and can instead use them as collateral to trade leverage long and short positions. The margin trading platform provides access to digital assets like Bitcoin and altcoins, and traditional assets like stock indices, commodities, metals, and forex currencies.

With the vast lineup of trading instruments, traders can build a diverse portfolio that is ready to withstand a recession and prepare for a bull run in crypto at the same time.

Powerful Trading Products Provide Alternative Income Sources

Trading is at the forefront of the entire PrimeXBT experience, with the above margin trading possible across assets like gold, oil, Ethereum, the S&P 500, and more. On top of margin trading, PrimeXBT also features a peer-to-peer copy trading community called Covesting.

The Covesting copy trading module lets skilled traders become strategy managers and trade with high ROI to rise the ranks of the Covesting leaderboards. Followers can use the leaderboards to choose which traders to follow. Following enables users to automatically copy the trades of top-ranked traders on the platform.

For the most competitive traders, there is also PrimeXBT Contests, where traders can compete in weekly trading competitions for a chance to win prizes and crypto-based capital to trade with. The risk-free virtual funds can also be used to backtest trading strategies and improve your skills before taking them live in global markets.

Protect Capital Now And Prepare For Bull Run Profits With PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT can be accessed via the web or through a free mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The platform is ultra-reliable and has a wide range of cryptocurrency-based products and services to choose from. Trading takes center stage, and rightfully so. But using PrimeXBT, you can buy crypto, hold, or make money with long and short positions. 

Don’t let your capital continue to disappear, and don’t miss out on what could ultimately be the bottom in crypto. Check out PrimeXBT today for all your buying, holding, and trading needs.

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