Bulleon Announces Addition of Top 3 Blockchain Advisors and Influencers to Team

Apr 25, 2018 at 10:51 // PR
Bulleon announces adding advisors to the team

Bulleon is already poised to revolutionize the way online financial transactions are conducted, but the announcement of three new team members coming on board with the company has impacted the course of Bulleon’s success already.With the addition of three top blockchain advisors and influencers, Bulleon is ensuring that their company continues on a course of disruptive success.

The three new members, Vladimir Nikitin, Phillip Nunn, and Nikolay Shkilev, bring a wealth of experience and practice in the cryptocurrency, financial technology, and IT technology.

Nikitin is rated #2 on ICObench by success score. He’s a world renowned consulting professional whose experience includes more than a decade in the legal, finance, retail, and IT industries. He’s also forged ahead as an expert in cryptocurrency and Token Sales. He’s advocated for cryptocurrency for quite some time now, and he is proud to specialize his services to help promote this technology to the world.

Nunn is the founder of The Blackmore Group, which offers a number of investment products. His experience encompasses 15+ years in the financial realm, and his specialties include, but are not limited to, angel investment, financial tech, commercial property investment, and wealth management. In the Blockchain world, he’s a world-traveling advocate who has been part of numerous Blockchain projects advisory boards.

Shkilev is the Co-Founder of Top Blockchain Advisors, and he’s a part of numerous other business entities. He’s a powerful Blockchain advisor and ICObench expert who is rated in the top 10 in People of Blockchain. Over the past two decades, he’s been the recipient of the Self-Made Russia award, Tech guru, and Super TOP award. He is a huge fan of Blockchain technologies and a prominent mentor in the field.

These three Blockchain veterans will bring a brain trust of experience and knowledge that will be swiftly applied in the further development and growth at  Bulleon. They will have a direct influence in the very foundation of what Bulleon does.

Bulleon will offer a never-before-seen interface that fuses cryptocurrency with a digital dashboard service. Users get the opportunity to capitalize on a streamlined interface where all of their needs are seamlessly met. Not just another digital asset service, Bulleon will be crafted from the ground up by experts. With the help of Nikitin, Nunn, and Shkilev, Bulleon will continue in that direction. For instance, Bulleon will continue to offer user-friendly tools that offer comprehensive digital resource solutions while helping users work their way through the crypto-world with unsurpassed ease.

With a focus on the end-user,  Bulleon will offer digital asset exchange, biometric hardware wallet and login authentication, an international debit card, e-commerce services for merchants, a peer-to-peer lending platform, and a cloud mining platform.

According to Nikitin,

“I’m very proud to announce that I joined the team of real professionals and crypto enthusiasts from the team Bulleon. Bulleon is a universal tool for generating profit, includes a cryptocurrency trading platform and international debit card, a mobile app. This is the world for working with a cryptocurrency with a lot of tools.”

The Bulleon team is thrilled to welcome the these leading Blockchain experts into their midst. Their presence will add to the exceptional knowledge that comes from the company’s team of well-rounded and skilled experts who bring decades of experience and practice. This knowledge provides the basis for which Bulleon has been founded and will continue to grow.

The team at  Bulleon recognizes that the world of cryptocurrency is rapidly changing and becoming popular, and they want to make it easier for anyone who wants to make their financial transactions easier than ever.

About Bulleon Decentralized Token Sale

Bulleon has developed a Decentralized fundraising method. Decentralized token sale – availability to participate in the initial stages of the fundraising.

Most of the current Blockchain projects have a private sale. Large portion of tokens is sold to investors with huge amounts of wealth at a cost that is lower than what is expected to be the cost in main token sale.

The pre-sale is used to raise the capital to finance the main token sale marketing strategy development and execution. In other words, the price of tokens at the next stage is much higher for the regular investor.

Bulleon have taken a different approach to this method of funding and enabled the smaller investor to participate in the early stages. There are no minimum/maximum investment limits. Large participants, funds and angel investors are also welcome.

While most other Blockchain projects sell their cheapest tokens to the major investors, venture capitals, and angels, Bulleon has a vision of decentralization of tokens. The tokens are available for all those who would like to participate from the early funding stages. Bulleon is distributing the power and opportunities regardless of the size of contribution from investors.

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