Blockchain-Based Treasure Search and Deep-Water Exploration

Jan 30, 2018 at 11:16 // News
Lana Smiley
Blockchain-based treasure search

Blockchain technology has been used outside of the cryptocurrency industry for a long time now. It has the potential to disrupt many industries as well as make them faster and more efficient. And now the blockchain is going to go underwater.

The unique solution will allow for much easier and more efficient searches for treasure, shipwrecks and underwater minerals. It will probably have the potential to disrupt the deep-sea mining industry.

The solution is a mix of the existing underwater scanning technology and Artificial Intelligence, which allows for more precise and deeper scanning. The exploration will be performed by a fleet of gliders at a depth of up to 600 metres. Then the obtained data will be recorded and stored on the blockchain as the technology allows for more integrity and security for the information.

Such a solution will allow for exploring the seabed deeper than possible with existing technologies, and thereby, opening new possibilities for research and mining. The solution is to be tested in the Caribbean Sea.

Alejandro Gavrilyuk, the CEO and Founder of DeepWater Systems, the company behind the solution, shared his plans with Coinidol:

“We plan to gather information about shipwrecks and underwater mineral resources in the Caribbean Sea and along the historical trade routes in the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.”

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