BitKop Initially Launched "Global Selection Plan" on CryptoEXPO Asia Singapore

Oct 30, 2018 at 07:58 // PR
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The BitKop sub-forum of CryptoEXPO Asia, organized by BitKop exchange, was successfully held in Singapore on Oct 26th. This sub-forum focused on the subject of "The next inflection point in the development of blockchain market", making a concentrative discussion on the breakthrough of the development in public blockchain technology field, commercial application of dapp, the development of STO, the stablecoins and global regulatory policies, etc. In addition, BitKop COO Mei Zhuang launched a brand strategy which marked the milestone achievement of BitKop, and announced the 2018 BitKop "Global Selection Plan".

BitKop's "Global Selection Plan" will select 10 most featured projects worldwide, which will be awarded the title of BitKop Exchange "Global Featured Projects" of 2018. The projects winning this title will receive one million worth of global advertising resources, covering 1000 media worldwide, which will provide these projects the greatest exposure and publicity. At the same time, BitKop will host two roadshows worldwide for the top 10 global featured projects. They will also have the chance to be shown on the New York Times Square Screen. Through this plan, BitKop hopes to provide a platform for premium projects and teams, bringing better trading experience and investment targets to its users.

CryptoEXPO Asia, held by FINEXPO in Singapore, has built network between blockchain companies and gurus from all over the world. Its mission is to connect innovators, influencers and industry elites, and to play an important role in getting people to know what crypto world is actually about. It has connected over 8,000 traders, investors and financial advisors, becoming the most important space where crypto world comes live.   

This forum brought together many domestic and overseas elites in the field of blockchain. The guest speakers include: BitKop COO Mei Zhuang, Leapal Founder and CEO Ying Song, Blockpower Capital Founder Mindao Yang, BitDATA Founder and CEO Ken Wang, Social Lending CEO Henry Yang, BitAsset Business Development Director Jookyung Lee, Unitopia CEO Lei Qian, Hume Capital Partner Kay Chai, MATRIX Chief Scientist Yangdong Deng, Alchemint CEO & Founder Ting Zhang, Gravitas Chairman and General Counsel Malcolm Tan. During the forum, many up-to-date and vital questions of the current trends and changes in digital currency markets and the blockchain applications of the crypto-world will be covered.   

In the presentation and roundtable discussion, participants stated that the blockchain industry needed to refer to the development path of finance to constantly upgrade products, operations and technologies if companies wanted to survive in a bear market, as both of these two industries ran in the similar mode. Development opportunity in the blockchain field still existed in such a market condition, in which companies could seek for the next growth inflection point through industrial legalization, mining the incremental market and combining new technologies such as big data, AI and IOT with blockchain.   

As the indicators of blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, China and Singapore are the two most important markets for blockchain startups, capital and consumption in Asia and the frontier of the commercial application of various cutting-edge technologies, which will generate a great value if the two markets cooperate with each other. Therefore, BitKop chose Singapore as its first stop, attempting for the healthy and compliant development and in-depth communication of the two countries.   

As a global featured digital asset trading exchange, BitKop adheres to the principle of self-discipline, and will insist on ecological value to promote industry development and dedicate to provide its users the world's most featured projects. BitKop has obtained an exchange license in August 2018 issued by Cagayan, a special economic zone in the northern Philippines. It has opened up BTC, ETH, USDT trade market. The number of accumulated registered users has reached more than 300,000 until now and the 24h trading volume is 10,000 BTC.   

BitKop was registered in Singapore. It is invested by IDG Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, Transference Fund and Bit-Z, the sixth largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. In September of 2018, BitKop reached strategic cooperation with Bit-Z, and became the first alliance exchange of it. Under the assistance of Bit-Z, BitKop has realized technical security upgrade, bringing seamless transaction experience to its domestic and overseas users.   

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