Cryptocurrencies Flagship Wallet Provider Surpasses 1 Million Downloads

Jan 17, 2018 at 15:50 // News surpasses 1 million downloads

Cryptocurrency’s premium trading platform blows its competition out of the water by hitting a download milestone of an astounding 1 Million downloads for its BTC/BCH Wallet. sets itself apart from other trading platforms by providing simplistic and easy to use services for the buying and storing of Bitcoin. This is one of the many contributors to’s success.

When first entering the cryptocurrency market, the whole process can seem incredibly complicated and daunting, knows this and as such, have created a user friendly and informative platform with the intention of educating people about cryptocurrencies, alongside this; they want individuals to know how easily they can be used in their everyday lives. The website is filled with the latest Cryptocurrency news, blogs and FAQs. Their forum is ripe with Bitcoin discussions; from economics, ranging to trading practices plus market predictions and much more.

August 2017 saw branch out into the development world with the launch of their Bitcoin Wallet. Sticking to their values of creating a simplistic and user-friendly interface, they set about by insuring the wallets digital asset integration was seamless, allowing users to send and receive BTC with ease. Celebrates 1 Million Downloads

The magic of Christmas was undoubtedly in the air for in December as they hit a recording breaking 1 million downloads for their Bitcoin Wallet. Their success is down to the user-friendly functions of the wallet and the availability of the client on multiple operating platforms such as Mac, Windows and Apple’s IOS to name just a few.

One key contributor to their recent success is the addition of Bitcoin Cash functionality to their wallet. Since the initial implementation of BCH, download numbers spiked exponentially. Chief Officer of Operations at, Mate Tokay, is thrilled with the million downloads milestone, stating:

“A million wallets downloaded in just a few months is incredible,” explains Tokay. “You can really see how cryptocurrency is growing more popular every day with metrics like these. Digital assets are here to stay, and wants to help people understand cryptocurrencies, and use them in their everyday lives — The Wallet is meant to bolster that vision.”

Wallet Creation Made Easy

Unlike most wallet creation services; creating your personal BTC/BCH wallet on is a non-complicated process. To create a BTC wallet simply click “create personal wallet” then choose the “Bitcoin” button. Within a few minutes, you will have a non-custodial wallet that allows you to transact with other cryptocurrency participants and merchants. It’s as simple as just a few clicks. expects the cryptocurrency hype to continue to grow, and strives to be the leading provider for all your digital asset needs. They have set themselves the ambitious goal of serving one billion users one day, which is helped along by their secure and easy-to-use wallet, but for now they’re still basking in joy of their one million downloads within five months.

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