BINEX.TRADE Unveils Alpha Launch: A New Era For Crypto Trading

Jul 19, 2018 at 14:12 // PR
Binex.Trade, a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to reinvent the sharing economics by combining the power of BEX token and decentralization to deliver profits to our stakeholders from our daily trade revenue.

Binex.Trade exchange has announced that the alpha launch of their platform will go live on July 17th, 2018.

SingaporeMonths of hard work and the BINEX team have finally arrived at their big day, the Alpha Launch. The team has been receiving support from the Crypto community throughout their journey, and they are glad to receive such an overwhelming response. It gives BINEX.TRADE immense pleasure to unveil the Alpha version of the Exchange to the Binex family of more than 85,000 Users. 

The Alpha Launch is on the 17th of July, 2018. The main objective of the Alpha Launch is to test the exchange’s live performance with traders. The company plans to launch the exchange initially with the basic features, and post Alpha Launch will come up with the Beta version of the exchange with advanced features. 

BINEX.TRADE promises to deliver excellence to its users, and their ultimate motto is to create a hassle-free trading platform that caters to every need of the trader. 

In the initial days of the launch, traders can have the first-hand experience of transacting in trading pairs including BTC, ETH, BEX, USDT, LTC, and XRP. The exchange is designed to provide the traders with a smooth and user-friendly experience. From top-notch Security, Leveraged Trades, Analytics Dashboard and insightful Reports to maintaining Liquidity, Powerful Matching Engine, and Volatility Monitoring, the exchange has it all. 

As mentioned earlier, BINEX.TRADE offers 70% of the trading commission to the users holding BEX on a daily basis. Apart from the Revenue Sharing phenomena here are the features that will set the benchmark for Crypto trading: 

Advanced Trading Features 

Features provided by the Exchange can ease trading and help traders earn more. Traders might need to keep a watch on the price trends of a cryptocurrency for which a price chart can be useful. Reports on daily, weekly or monthly trades can help traders track their earnings. An Analytics Dashboard can help traders build a strategic portfolio. All these features help traders make better decisions while trading. 

Leveraged Trades 

Features like Margin Trading enable traders to leverage their trade quantity and profits.  BINEX.TRADE Exchange allows the user to open a position at a 2x to 3x leveraged amount in Margin Trading. The exchange also provides for an automatic exit feature that closes the user position at the most efficient rate so that the user doesn’t miss the opportunity. 

Liquidity and Volatility Control 

BINEX.TRADE ensures the efficient management of Market Volatility to secure the interest of its traders. It also eliminates the Liquidity Risk on the Exchange through continuous monitoring of the transactions. The higher the liquidity on the Exchange, the better the price economy and faster the transactions. 

Powerful Matching Engine 

Cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile and even a second’s delay in the execution can lead to a loss. BINEX.TRADE has an efficient Matching Engine that helps smooth trading through quick buying and selling. 

High End Security 

BINEX.TRADE is designed to function on a Multi-Tier Platform that offers High-End security. The platform ensures secured transactions with a two-level Encryption which is at the Database level and the API level. The platform also provides enhanced security at the User level with Secured Login, Captcha, 2 Factor Authentication, Email Verification, Same Browser Login and Summary Page Approval. 

Apart from the onboard Exchange features,  BINEX.TRADE has come up with a reward of 1000 BEX for reporting a bug on the Alpha version

Customer Service Support is available round the clock for the traders and users pre and post Alpha Launch. 


Binex.Trade, a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to reinvent the sharing economics by combining the power of BEX token and decentralization to deliver profits to our stakeholders from our daily trade revenue. 

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