BINEX.TRADE is Now in Alpha – See How Tomorrow’s Crypto Trading Will Look Like

Jul 26, 2018 at 10:23 // News
A culmination of months of dedicated efforts to develop a hassle-free trading experience, the platform is now ready for testing by Binex’s community of over 85,000 users and counting.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binex.Trade has announced an alpha launch of its platform on July 17th, 2018. A culmination of months of dedicated efforts to develop a hassle-free trading experience, the platform is now ready for testing by Binex’s community of over 85,000 users and counting.

As denoted, the alpha platform will enable live trading options but is mainly to allow users to test its live performance with basic features. More advanced features will be introduced once an improved beta platform is released. 

A Promise Of Excellence 

Binex.Trade is committed to providing a trading solution that meets the individual needs of every crypto trader while facilitating a simple and easy process to trade and exchange digital assets. The initial offerings on the platform will include major cryptocurrency trading pairs, including BTC, ETH, BEX, USDT, LTC, and XRP. 

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, users can expect the best in security while trading more effectively with access to leveraged trading, a dashboard for analytics and insightful reports. The powerful exchange will be able to maintain liquidity with a powerful matching engine and volatility monitoring with trader needs at heart. 

All holders of its native digital currency BEX will also enjoy a daily distribution of 70% of trading commissions in a revenue sharing program. 

A New Benchmark In Crypto Trading 

1. Features for advanced traders 

Binex understands that traders want easy trades with the highest profitability. With daily, weekly or even monthly reporting to track profits, traders can also use the Analytics Dashboard to build strategic portfolios to assist with decision making. 

2. Leveraged trading 

Binex.Trade enables traders to wield greater trading capacity, allowing them to open positions at 2 or 3 times leverage via Margin Trading. Users can also use an automatic exit feature to close positions at the best efficiency rates so opportunities are never missed. 

3. Controlled liquidity and volatility 

Market Volatility is efficiently managed on the Binex.Trade platform to protect trade interests. Via 24/7 monitoring of transactions, liquidity risk on the exchange is eliminated to ensure optimal liquidity, encouraging better price economy and transaction speed. 

4. Powerful Matching Engine 

The volatility of cryptocurrency markets are well known, with a moment’s hesitation or delay in executing orders possibly leading to a loss. Traders can rest assured that buying and selling will happen smoothly and quickly with an extremely powerful Matching Engine on Binex.Trade. 

5. Top-Notch Security 

Binex.Trade functions across a multi-tier platform protected by the highest possible standards in security. Beginning with two-level encryption at Database and API levels, secured transactions is the goal. 

All traders will also benefit from a series of security measures to protect their assets: secured login, captcha, 2-factor authentication, email verification, same browser login and summary page approval. 

Take a look at the future of crypto trading and experience the Binex.Trade platform now. All traders who experience and report confirmed bugs encountered will also receive 1,000 BEX under its bug bounty program. 

Support is only a click away, with 24/7 Customer Service Support available. 

To learn more, visit the Binex.Trade website and read the whitepaper. Get in touch with them on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. Get the latest on Medium and on YouTube.

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