Baikalika Looks Into Using Blockchain Technology to Provide Pure Natural Water

Jan 15, 2018 at 11:56 // News
Baikalika to use blockchin for providing pure water

The current blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape are eclipsed by fintech startups and Internet companies. Baikalika, a healthy water provider, is ready to upset this trend by using blockchain technology for delivering packaged premium water to its customers. In order to find out more about their project, we decided to interview their CEO, Ilya Frolov.

Interviewer: Hello Ilya, thanks for the interview. Tell us a bit more about Baikalika and the common idea. What is the primary issue you intend to solve with this project? Further, what do you say about competition?

Ilya: Thanks for having me. The bottled water industry is growing 12% annually, with the primary demand being fulfilled by artificially purified water. However, there’s is a growing customer segment looking for natural water, thanks to its positive perception. Natural water has become an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, a limited supply in the current market has attracted fake products, and ensuring the authenticity of packaged natural water has become a big challenge.

Baikalika aims to provide pure natural water with the use of blockchain technology. We’re ensuring the authenticity of water by implementing blockchain technology, helping customers consume original Baikal lens water. For customers choosing a healthy lifestyle, we intend to provide value for their money by providing pure natural water.

Interviewer: How did you arrive at the idea of using blockchain technology for Baikalika?

Ilya: Frankly speaking, we are not the pioneers of using blockchain technology for product authentication. You can find a couple of projects using blockchain technology for the verification of original products ranging from baby food, drugs, seafood, coffee specialties, wine and so on. We are the first one to leverage blockchain technology to supply authentic natural water in the market.

Interviewer: Tell us about the current development phase and the roadmap ahead.

Ilya: We have a competent team looking after the R&D, production, and implementation of the blockchain technology in our systems. As of now, we are ready for our token presale, starting 12 February 2018.

Under the first stage, we achieved bottling production capacity of pure water from the lens of Baikal lake at a depth of 400 m. Moving forward to the second stage, we intend to increase our bottling capacity 20 times to cater the Chinese market demands. Conducting an ICO to boost production supply is a chance to connect directly with qualified customers, who are looking for a personal pure water supply for the next 50 years.

Going forward, our primary focus is on increasing our production along with the development of logistics infrastructure and creating a distribution network in China. Our target is to reach an annual production of 200 million liters of natural water in 4 years, by adding a production capacity of 40 million liters annually. Achieving this milestone will help us utilise up to 25% water extraction capacity of our pipeline. Once achieved, we’ll focus on growing our production infrastructure further.

Interviewer: How do you plan to use the money raised through ICO?

Ilya: Right now, we’re focusing on the success of this ICO. It will decide how much funds we can allocate towards installing new equipment and creating the infrastructure to boost our production capacity. The fixed cost of blockchain development and the product marketing strategy is directly dependent on our production capacity.

Interviewer: Does the entire program has institutional or prolific backing?

Ilya: Thanks for bringing that up. Lake Baikal is a world heritage by UNESCO since 1996, and there are state laws regarding the sustainability and safety of its unique ecosystem and the surrounding territory. I’d say that is prolific enough for our business. That being said, we are also looking forward to the research conducted by Chinese organisations in the field of relieving ecological pressure on metropolis inhabitants.

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