First Ethereum Developer Course Has Released Its Graduates

Sep 15, 2016 at 11:03 // News
Nina Lyon
B9lab announced the graduation of the first Ethereum Blockchain developers course students.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency courses are growing in demand as FinTech adoption rises. On September 15, B9lab, a company providing training on Blockchain, announced the graduation and certification of the first Ethereum Blockchain developers course students.

According to the announcement, this first course gained more than 100 developers, registered from 28 different countries. Moreover, graduates who maintained an average of 80% or higher will have certificates available on the Ethereum Blockchain, reinforcing the authenticity of the developers' credentials. 

Elias Haase, the Founder at B9Lab commented on the course:

"We were getting daily requests from potential clients to provide training or find developers for their blockchain projects. We quickly realised the community needed a course that would certify their talents, and that's what we're trying to achieve."

The 9-week online course covers in-depth training on P2P system operation, smart contracts and Ethereum Blockchain understanding, its programming language, and the creation of Ethereum-based decentralised applications and DAOs.

"[It] went beyond my expectations. Not only the development of the smart contract, but all aspects related to the creation of DAPP [decentralised applications]," said one of the graduates, Marco Polc, CTO at Digital Identity SA. 

Registration for another course, due to start October 11, 2016, is now available.

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