Does Decentralised Blockchain Company B2Bx Have the Fix for Corporate Crypto Investment Problems?

Oct 25, 2017 at 17:52 // News

Editors note: B2Bx is no longer holding ICO. Any B2Bx ICO information is  no longer relevant.

B2Bx is a Russian company that is seeking to appease the ever-increasing demand for cryptocurrency trading by aggregating margin and liquidity to brokerage companies in order to provide regulated trading for institutional traders. They hope to address some prevalent issues within the market, almost all centred around barriers to entry.

The current state of the cryptocurrency investment market is almost entirely retail; there have been some ventures from big money into the sphere, but a number of factors prevent institutional investors from making big plays: 

Firstly, a lack of regulation has left banks and licensed brokers of regular currencies, stocks, and other securities out in the cold, struggling with the same issues which plague institutional investors' compliance 

Secondly, a lack of liquidity poses itself as more of a soft limitation, by preventing huge transactions from being able to be processed quickly and with an adequate reserve. In retail markets, smaller transactions require less liquidity, being at a smaller transaction size with higher frequency. When the transaction amount rises, money must come from somewhere, especially so with cryptocurrency. 

Thirdly, historically speaking, cryptocurrencies were what the financial world might perceive as a dirty currency. This may result from the usage of Bitcoin in its early days. Couple this with high volatility and institutional investors are unlikely to want to invest. 

But with the stigma falling off by the day, and volatility being more manageable by basket trading, is the age of ushering in the institutional investors upon us? B2BX looks to connect at least 5% of the market of Forex/DMA and stockbrokers as well as other institutional clients, such as hedge funds. B2BX’s exclusive focus will be professional market participants for the time being. 

In 2017 alone, B2BX has already been connected to 30 clients, with a goal of at least 200 clients on MetaTrader as well as other major trading platforms in 2018. With over 4000 Forex brokers, accounting for over 50% of the Forex Market on MetaTrader, it’s a good place to start. 

B2BX looks to connect to over 500 customers in 2019, and finally achieve their goal of at least 5% of the brokerage services market in 2020 by connecting to at least 700 customers. 

B2Bx Token Sale and ICO 

B2BX already has a working version of their software available to the public. However, to fund ongoing development, they are holding an ICO, where their native B2BX ERC20 tokens will be available for purchase. 

B2Bx have created 40,000,000 tokens for sale in the ICO, which can be purchased with BTC, BCC, ETH, LTC, DASH, and XMR. You can pick tokens up for the equivalent of EUR 0.63, with a minimum of 10 tokens. Early investors picked up discounts during the first three weeks (pre-ICO), and up to a 15% discount is available in the main ICO, which runs from October 2nd 2017 to November 17th 2017. 

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