Automated Crypto Trading Platform, Gimmer, Announces Token Sale

Jan 08, 2018 at 17:30 // News
Gimmer announces token sale

Innovative automated crypto trading platform, Gimmer, has announced the dates of its token sale. Scheduled to kick-off February 1st and end February 28th, the sale will afford contributors and early adopters the opportunity to get in early on the automated future of cryptocurrency trading.

Launched in early 2017, Gimmer is an automated trading platform with a wide range of custom features that enables both experienced and fresh investors to trade cryptocurrencies. The platform’s unique trading bot eliminates the greatest challenge for traders: emotion. It also enables its over 800 active user base to earn while they sleep.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform helps beginners get up to speed in the markets through AI trading bots. Seasoned traders can build and rent out trading strategies to the community, or augment existing ones. Gimmer’s security feature ensures that all trades are directly through the user’s exchange, no currency is held on site.

“There are no other crypto trading websites in existence that can do the things Gimmer can do. It is unique because it's not only an automated platform, it also enables the development of advanced market prediction rules running as a decentralised app on one simple platform with many features to earn money potentially for every type of crypto trader.” Philipe Comini, Co-founder and CEO of Gimmer, said.

The Gimer team claims its slew of innovations uniquely positions the platform as the ecosystem that will firmly propel automated cryptocurrency trading into the mainstream consciousness.

How Gimmer Aims To Revolutionise Crypto Trading

Human emotion and bias remain one the biggests obstacles for crypto traders especially in our socially connected world. Currently, only a handful of platforms offer automated trading. However, these platforms require extensive programming skills and in-depth knowledge of market conditions to be of any use. With Gimmer’s platform, traders can confidently trade without second-guessing their decisions, or worrying about what they are missing out on when they're offline.

“The current crypto market consists of over 1,300 different digital currencies, a combined market cap of over $600 billion and a 24-hour trading volume exceeding $27 billion. An estimated 26m people trade crypto currencies worldwide and Gimmer intends to be the first choice for many of those traders yet, when compared to the wider investment world, the potential for Gimmer is much greater. In the US alone an estimated 80m people invest in mutual funds and over $5 trillion is traded on the forex markets each day. There is huge demand for a crypto platform that can make crypto trading accessible, simple and profitable. Gimmer is bringing the world of cryptocurrencies to the mass market.”

Experienced traders can maximize their skill potential by building trading strategies for the adaptive platform bot and rent them out, creating passive income streams. Inexperienced users no longer need to scour the corners of the internet looking for information when they can now simply rent those pre-programmed bot trading strategies created by market veterans. Bots will make it easy for everybody to get into automated cryptocurrency trading -- all they need is an account with an authorised exchange.

Development Plan

Gimmer’s decentralized application (DApp) roadmap at provides a detailed glimpse into the intended features of automated trading. Releasing Gimmer as a DApp will enable user to run multiple bots cheaper and faster.

The roadmap also outlines the platform’s developmental plans, fund utilization, and the scheduled launches of automated arbitrage, lending bots, and mobile app in 2018.

Gimmer Token Sale

Developed by a highly skilled and versatile team, Gimmer has announced its Token Generation Event as follows:

  • Public Token Sale February 1st – 28th - Pre-sale starts January 17th

  • Maximum supply of 110m ERC20-compliant Gimmer tokens

  • Pre-sale investor bonus up to 40% - Public Token sale bonus up to 20%

  • Token will be tradeable on authorised exchanges

  • Funds raised to be used for product development, ops and marketing

Soft cap 4,800 ETH - Hard cap 35,000 ETH


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