ARK Releases Technical Update — Introducing API V2

Feb 15, 2018 at 13:31 // News

ARK, the forward-thinking, All-in-one Blockchain solution, has announced a new API built for a secure and friendly adoption on the blockchain. Known for its revolutionary blockchain, ARK is introducing its API v2 for its virtual bridge that links up networks of blockchains from any part of the world onto a unified ecosystem. The platform has added yet another technical accomplishment to its underlying technology with the API v2, an interface that allows simpler access for new developers.

ARK platform hosts a wide range of groundbreaking, blockchain solutions including; SmartBridge technology that will connect a series of blockchains via bridging, as well as building a simplified access to simultaneous usage of diversified blockchain networks for trade, such as Bitcoin, Lisk, Ethereum, Waves etc.

Evolution of Blockchain APIs Solution

Current APIs are overloaded with problems that usually erupt from exploitation of use by the public who besiege servers with overwhelming requests. These attacks stem from spontaneous requests which in turn results in database problems. The primary issues with the API v1 versions was that it did not fit into any definitive criteria and was not RESTful in any way. This prompted the initial creation of the API v2.

API v2 was established with restify. However, it fell short of what ARK wanted in a new API. Wherein ARK enabled “Throttling” any action that could be use to stop API from over tasking, the new API v2 will not be a replacement for a DDoS mitigation as it only affects the API from being flooded with requests.  Users who wants to confirm their request throttling could easily do that by sending a request to any API endpoint for a response header.

A RESTful Alternative Is Provided

API v2 development is based on Node.JS making it RESTful and compatible with the JSON API specifications. The API v2 is poised to key into a better data handling mechanisms with truly revolutionary features that enables caching and throttling. As throttling will stop overflooding, so will the caching of API calls reduce the load on the database as most data on the blockchain is immutable. ARK will introduce a wide variety of drivers for popular caching solutions like Redis, Memcached or Riak. These method of caching will eliminate server load and repetitive responses, allowing ARK users to benefit from a smooth, fast and secure experience on the ARK Core v2.

The standardized endpoint of the API will act like a collection for trading and blocks. As a result of that, the API will translate as: `/api/blocks/{id}` where `/api/blocks` is the collection of resources which are requested. This structure enables an easier functionality that allow users to comprehend how the API endpoints functions and are structured without having to continually check the API docs. On another scale, for a true coverage of personal and professional space, the Hapi plugin system provides the framework for writing in any version of API plugin on the ARK platform or simply commenting out a complete version of any API. This is in line with ARK’s goal of making it as easy as possible to work with the ARK Core v2.

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