Announcing Oxygen - the First Crypto Repo Trading Platform

Feb 01, 2018 at 14:14 // News
Oxygen is the first crypto repo trading platform

The $500 billion cryptocurrency market is one of the most underutilized asset markets despite growing 3200% in 2017 alone. The market continues to record high growth and rapid evolution, setting trends that had been thought impossible less than three years ago. Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, accounted for an average daily turnover volume of $13 billion.

Yet, the market continues to offer participants limited options on how to monetize their holdings. Oxygen is set to address this problem through its decentralized crypto-repo platform. A repo agreement allows users to sell securities immediately and repurchase them at a pre-agreed price on a specified future date.

The Importance of Repo Contacts

Announced as the world’s first decentralized repo (repurchase agreements) trading platform, Oxygen will enable crypto assets holder leverage their holdings for unique investment opportunities. With over $12 trillion repos active in Europe and the States, the repo sector remains the oil that lubricates global financial market.

Widely used as tools across different asset classes, Oxygen’s decentralization of this traditional instrument will finally address one of cryptocurrency most crippling problem; liquidity. Market players will now be able to take directional investment views across a range of cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens.

Putting Crypto Assets To Work

Developed by the highly talented team behind the instant cryptocurrency exchange market leader Changelly, Oxygen breathes new live into the crypto market. The product leverages Changelly’s existing 1.6 million users to enable let users borrow and lend crypto assets on a secure and legally compliant exchange.

Headed by financial market veteran, Alex Grebnev (who has held senior leadership roles at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs), Oxygen will serve both the B2B and B2C markets to integrate the platform’s features into financial market infrastructure and secure a liquidity network effect.

Oxygen will support Ethereum, all ERC20-compliant tokens, and integrate into a robust cross-chain solution to support Bitcoin, Litecoin and other blockchain-based cryptocurrencies once the solution has been developed into the market. The platform’s crypto-repo services will allow users borrow assets, lend, cover for shorts, fund for long positions, and facilitate collateral re-usage for efficient portfolio management and safe (collateralized) cash investment.

The economic goals of the platform include:

● Market participants (including strategic investors and miners) who wants to position their assets as collateral or earn income on those assets;

● Market-makers and speculators seeking to profit off crypto market volatility and capture arbitrage opportunities;

● Early post-crowdsale entities with idle crypto assets, that could be lent against collateral, providing income generation.

● Businesses powered and anchored by tokens whose demands for liquidity and liquidity management will be addressed through tools that will deploy liquidity surpluses, or cover liquidity gaps;

● Crypto investment funds looking for interest income by lending their portfolio assets (without losing exposure);

● Crypto exchanges that want to bolster their trading options.

Innovative Function

Oxygen comprises a comprehensive and innovative range of peer-to-peer exchange features including an AI-based risk management toolkit for users to access risk and exposure, a community-driven order book, instantaneous order processing engine,  user-rating and reputation system based on repayment history, and an API for B2B integration.

The platform’s extensive client-side applications supports all major web extensions for Parity UI, Metamask and MyEtherWallet. All settlements and transactions on Oxygen marketplace will be powered by its native OXG. OXG is a multi-purpose utility token that is the default internal currency for platform commission fees. The token will be used as an internal currency to cover platform commission fees and as a tradable asset within the platform.

A Regulated Market

Oxygen has filed an application to become one of the first regulated crypto platform under the new Distributed Ledger Technology regime in Gibraltar. The platform also aims to register as an Alternative Trading System (ATS) in the US.

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