AirdropAlert Expands by Acquiring Airdropster

Oct 30, 2018 at 13:32 // PR
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AirdropAlert was the first airdrop aggregator and played a key role in the increasing popularity of the concept airdrops. With the birth of the website crypto enthusiast now had one place to find all airdrops. Which led to an increased viral effect for the blockchain startups that gave away free tokens. Before, projects struggled to find crypto users willing to apply for the giveaways. By actively promoting the concept of airdrops to both users and projects they created a real viral growth marketing technique for ICO’s and Blockchain related projects.

With the explosive growth of airdrops in 2018, there were many new airdrop sites that copied the success formula of AirdropAlert. Airdropster was one of the first serious competitors in this industry and established a trusted community in early 2018. AirdopAlert acquired Airdropster for an undisclosed amount.   

AirdropAlert’s goals are to keep innovating the airdrop space, by building the bridge that connects the community with the newest blockchain applications. With the purchase of Airdropster they will reach a wider audience and grow their community to new heights.   

According to founder & CEO M. Christensen: “The current bear market gives projects more reason to use airdrops as a way to introduce their project to the blockchain community.“   

Airdrop Dashboard   

With the release of their new airdrop dashboard they are creating a easier way for crypto beginners to get introduced with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Tools like wallet are very useful for the novice user. After connecting your wallet in your profile, you are one click away from checking your token balance.  If you connect your social accounts in your profile, your username gets prefilled in the exclusive airdrop forms. Which leaves less room for errors for the novice airdrop hunter.   

According to M. Christensen: “We always listen to our community, and we found that many people were not receiving airdrops because of user errors. With the airdrop dashboard we are working towards a solution which leaves minimum room for error, so our users can receive the coins the apply for.”   

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