ABCC Token (AT): Its Uniqueness, Value and Approach

Jul 25, 2018 at 09:30 // News
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ABCC Token will be utilizing blockchain technology with the ultimate goal of creating a system that provides financial incentive to virtually any and everyone. 

Most crypto experts and watchers keeping track of the ICO phenomenon agree that the trend in the last few months has been for tokens to experience sharp drop in prices: increase in short-term but drop in long term. This has been one of the most significant challenges in the cryptoverse and has been brought to light by the Singapore-based trading platform, ABCC.

In a world driven by so much hype and the fear of missing out, crypto enthusiasts and even experts are increasingly finding it difficult to identify genuinely viable projects. While I do agree that there are certainly many things to consider deciding whether the tokens of a project would increase in value over time, the most immediate evaluation criteria should be its uniqueness - what makes it stand out of the crowd. Other important features to consider are the Business Plan behind the token, the managerial antecedents and the executive profiles of its Team leaders.


ABCC Exchange's new Token, AT seems to have all these features and even more checked! ABCC has an entirely different and unique approach that has never been seen on the Blockchain platform. While crypto experts see this concept as one of the most promising opportunities since the creation of Bitcoin, it also sets itself apart from other tokens and virtual currencies in so many ways. Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, ABCC Token (AT) will not inflate in the long term due to its half-life cycle. While other Tokens can only be used in voting with little further rewards, AT can be used in voting for coin listing, rewards, airdrops, private sale, extra mining power and much more. Also, AT will assist blockchain projects in building consensus among their investors and users, obtaining trading services and attracting the desired liquidity of their coins.

AT is the medium through which different parties can share value in a more open and convenient manner and plays a critical role in building consensus and creating and sharing value in the community.


In the wake of many failed blockchain projects, investors and speculators are wary investing in new coins, fearing of entering a scam or a project that won’t deliver on its promises. To address these rightful concerns, AT has been designed to reward holders, not those who want to make a quick cash grab by entering pump-and-dump schemes. AT holders benefit from airdrops, rewards, listing voting, extra mining power and private sales. Moreover, 80 percent of daily transactions fees of the network go to AT holders, which is an incentive toward more active participation in the community.

ABCC is set to deliver a groundbreaking agenda, developed on an advanced platform, policy, and mechanism which guarantees that the ABCC Token (AT) will be the most stable cryptocurrency on the market. By adapting the Platform Token 3.0 model AT is currently the only platform token whose rewards can be predicted and whose value can be estimated based on a P/E ratio - amazing isn't it?


As the trading volume of ABCC Token skyrocketed immediately after the issuance on July 9th, the company promises a steady growth and that's what users have been witnessing. This reflects the transparency of the company and has significantly increased the confidence of users in its sustainable model and mechanism.

An analysis of market cap ranks of tokens signifies that ABCC Token (AT) may exhibit the biggest increase in market cap ranking. It moved up Global No. 5.

Let's take a look at the Team leaders, investor, and advisors.

ABCC was founded by Calvin Cheng who is a media magnate and former member of Singaporean parliament. He has an experienced team of four advisors, this includes Dr. Michael Frendo, former minister of foreign affairs of Malta. Zhang Lei, product manager and serial Entrepreneur (he was also the founder and CEO of Tapas Mobile before it merged with Baidu Mobile Security BG), Weixing Chen, blockchain investor who has invested in several blockchain projects and Forrest Chen, co-founded of Umeng which was acquired by Alibaba.

With a team with such experience and expertise, ABCC is uniquely positioned to achieve its short and long-term goals. It has not only succeeded in facilitating investments by helping individuals identify valuable blockchain assets, but it has also offered users a secure online platform on which to trade seamlessly.

The exchange also has three institutional investors credited to its name viz. Funcity Capital, Patrik Dai, who is behind Dream Seeker Capital (QTUM), and BlockOrigin Capital of Shi Yi (OCN).


ABCC Token will be utilizing blockchain technology with the ultimate goal of creating a system that provides financial incentive to virtually any and everyone. With all the above indications the ABCC Token has proven to set itself out of other trading systems and tokens. It is truly unique and has proven to be promising just within the past few days with its increase in trade volume. While there are a lot of scams out there, you can trust the ABCC as it promises to be a valuable token in the long run.

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