ZoZo Coin Joins Digital Distributed Technology Moldova Association, Plans for Blockchain Real Estate Projects

Jan 03, 2018 at 13:00 // News
ZoZo Coin

Decentralized real estate cryptocurrency ZoZo Coin has announced its support for Distributed Technology Moldova Association (DMTA) through a series of sponsored partnership.

Established in 2016, ZoZo coin leverages blockchain to boost real estate commercial activities. The platform has one of the largest and fastest growing peer-to-peer network in the world with 4,100 masternodes since inception.

ZoZo’s ultimate aim is to disrupt the traditional legacy system of the market through the development of an advanced real estate transaction marketplace. The coin has also been integrated into the revolutionary cryptocurrency marketplace platform, Drachmae Market. Users will be able to trade ZoZo against 8 fiat currencies.

Lately, ZoZo has been garnering attention for its humanitarian work having raised money for disaster relief in Vietnam. ZoZo community members were able to raise 16,000 ZoZo -- approximately $48,000 with one community member donating $6000 -- to donate towards disaster relief for the Typhoon that hit Khanh Hoa, Vietnam in October. The effort demonstrated the potency of cryptocurrency in providing rapid aid for the needy

“We are fortunate to be living in this technological time, as ZoZo is able to innovate real estate blockchain by listening to the people, learning about community issues, and the impact of local governments. ZoZo is excited for the opportunity to add value within the Republic of Moldova to achieve economic progress and gains” ZoZo Coin stated.

ZoZo Coin exploration of viable real estate through its consultancy team has led to the development of opportunities that not benefits investors, but also adds transformative values to the community in the areas of job creation, community economic development and support for higher education.

“We are happy that ZoZo Coin has become a sponsor partner to the association and has shown the interest into Investment opportunities for blockchain technology, current discussions for local projects has been of key interest especially when this connects to job creation within Moldova and there interest in supporting the Digital Moldova 2020 Roadmap” DTMA declared.

ZoZo Coin collaboration with DTMA will result in the creation of a ZoZo Lab to be hosted within the academia. The lab will recruit students on internships to work on project such as marketing and PR, IT and real estate projects. ZoZo Coin has taken the first steps through the sponsorship of DTMA seminars and workshops worth $100,000. The educational seminars seeks to introduce blockchain technology to Moldova.

Rusu Mihai, Former Deputy administrator of Free economic Zone Balti and founder of DTMA said:

"Blockchain opportunities should be considered to further higher education and employment creation to compete with the global market alongside creating local startups to enter the Global market relating to blockchain technology as there is already a demand for AI, IOT and Blockchain staff globally due to the lack of qualified and experienced candidates Moldova must start looking at the global market for economic growth and not only the local market requirements”

The Republic of Moldova’s growing interest in blockchain technology and government backing is sure to quell the legitimacy doubts surrounding the technology.

DTMA is working closely with Mr. Vadim Ceban and Executive Committee team of Gagauzia to explore potential blockchain applications for ushering innovation, investment opportunities and potential job creation to the region. The platform is also working closely with Mr. Grigore Belostecinic, Rector of the Academy of Economic Studies Moldova “ASEM” in order to establish potential projects to support ASEM and to provide educational workshops/seminars to the General public and government bodies.


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