ZeroSum Is an Ethereum Platform Here to Transform Cryptocurrency and Retail Trading Alike

Dec 23, 2017 at 14:30 // News
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So far, cryptocurrency trading and retail trading have largely existed in their own silos. ZeroSum harnesses the versatility of the Ethereum blockchain to create a platform where participants can gain an understanding of all forms of trading by engaging in peer-vs-peer fantasy prediction competitions.

The platform has its own currency called ZFX, a token based on the ERC20 standard. Players enter competitions and are given payouts using ZFX - which can then be exchanged for cash in the market. ZeroSum uses the prediction market format to give individuals a way to test their ability to forecast market conditions, while earning money for doing so correctly.

Fantasy Forex Trading on The Blockchain

The first competition format on the ZeroSum platform is a forex trading game. The participants put together a fictional trading portfolio in the opening stage. They earn money by accurately predicting how the real-world market will progress in 15- or 30-second time frames. Players who are able to generate the most profits using their fictional portfolios are rewarded with ZFX.

In this way, ZeroSum serves as a proving ground for forex trading strategies for novices and experts alike. This is especially useful in an environment where as much as 96% of forex traders exit the market after having incurred losses. ZeroSum’s users can test their forex trading tactics on the platform without exposing themselves to high commissions and overwhelming competition.

Learning Cryptocurrency Trading By Making Predictions

ZeroSum isn’t limited just to fantasy forex trading games. The platform makes it possible to create prediction competitions around any outcome for which there is a live data feed, including the prices of various cryptocurrencies. Players can take part in competitions in which they earn ZFX by predicting which way the prices of different cryptocurrencies will move.

In addition to helping prepare individuals for the actual markets, the prediction format also serves as a source for sentiment analysis. ZeroSum has a proprietary sentiment engine which can be used to generate alpha signals. Interested parties can gain access to the sentiment engine using ZFX. The Engine has an API so that data from it can be plugged into existing software.

The ZeroSum Token Sale

The ZeroSum ZFX presale is currently underway - with very attractive bonus levels. The token sale goes live on January 3, 2018. ZFX’s price per 100 tokens has been set to $1 - but early investors will be able to take advantages of up to 50% bonus tokens.. The creation of the token will come to a halt either at at 15:00 UTC on January 17 or 12 hours after 1.5 billion tokens have been generated.

ZFX token holders will be have the opportunity to reach different tier levels based on how many tokens they have stored in a locked wallet. Users enjoy a variety of benefits at different levels. For example, those at the Master level gain free entry into all contests on the ZeroSum platform with an entry fee of up to 1,000 tokens. Individuals who decide to enter a particular tier level are required to lock a pre-defined amount of ZFX tokens away for a 12-month period.

Visit to find out how you can be a part of the token sale and participate in the competitions on ZeroSum.

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