VibraVid to Implement the Syscoin Chain, a Truly Unique Option

Sep 15, 2020 at 11:57 // PR
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VibraVid partners with Syscoin chain

Bitcoin, Ethereum and DPOS blockchains all have their issues whether it’s latency, outrageous gas fees or concerns over decentralization.  One option that is turning heads is Syscoin.  For this very reason VibraVid has decided to partner with Syscoin in its quest to create the best decentralized music and video platform.

One thing that has remained constant in the blockchain space is the need for interoperability, fast transactions and decentralization. Incorporating Syscoin within VibraVid solves all of these issues.  In this article we breakdown all the benefits and will let you know what developments have taken place and what is to come.  

Many are calling Syscoin a perfect balance between Bitcoin and Ethereum.  The Syscoin blockchain is a POW (Proof of Work) coin that is merge-mined with bitcoin.  25% of its block rewards go to the miners and the remainder go to Masternode holders.  These master nodes assist with the scalability aspect of the chain on the Z-DAG protocol that allows for instant asset transfers of 60,000 TPS.  With a market that can scale to millions and millions of users this was a very attractive aspect of using Syscoin for VibraVid in order to be able to conduct secure and instant transactions. 

Lately, the blockchain industry has been making a big deal about interoperability and the use of “bridges.” Well, Syscoin has created an easy to use bridge for ERC20 projects to be able to move over and be in an environment where there are extremely fast transactions and no outrageous gas fees, solving one of Ethereum’s biggest problems right now. 

VibraVid is in its early stages of Syscoin adoption. After creating the ERC20 version of BeatzCoin, we created a bridge to function and interact with the SPT (Syscoin Platform Token) for BeatzCoin.  The next step in development is to implement the Syscoin chain into VibraVid, providing users the opportunity to transact with and hold Syscoin in your VibraVid wallet.  This will also give users the ability to charge for their streams and earn in Syscoin and BeatzCoin SPT, as well as potentially earning bounties of the same. 

It has been a pleasure to work with the very professional and helpful Syscoin team and community, and we look forward to expanding the adoption of the Syscoin blockchain. 

All erc20-based Ethereum projects are invited to walk the Syscoin bridge:

If you would like to learn more about BeatzCoin and how to obtain BeatzCoin, please visit the official website:

If you’d like to check out VibraVid:

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