Prepare for the Future of Decentralized Venture Investment with DAOLaunch

Nov 17, 2021 at 12:00 // News
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DAOLaunch intends to establish a new market

Nowadays, Venture capitalists and institutional investors dominate the investment business. The issue is that they may use their capital, network, connections, and brand to negotiate better investment terms and generate significant returns.  

Most of these types of transactions take place in a private context. Ordinarily, retail investors do not have access to such opportunities. More than ever, a democratic and realistic approach to start-up investment is required. 

This method will boost the start-up industry's competitiveness and innovation. DAOLaunch presents a Decentralized Venture Capital concept as a way for building an open and inclusive competitive environment. The platform promises to alter the way investments are made by putting a competitive deal structure to the blockchain.  

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Solutions for venture capitalism  

This domain requires increased competitiveness, for which DAOLaunch offers a highly effective and comprehensive financial product creation platform. The platform enables anyone, regardless of whether they are a crypto business or not, to launch new products and services smoothly and effortlessly in financial markets across all borders.  

This innovation is a unique way to create new financial products that are in high demand quickly. In addition, DAOLaunch is providing start-up functions that include a Grant system, and is a pioneer in the frontier market. The IBO (Initial Buy-Back Offering) is a new concept in the market that supports newly formed start-ups through their grant scheme.  

The grant procedure is run via a completely decentralized voting system in which members of the community vote for fascinating start-ups. Once a winner is determined, native tokens of selected start-ups are directly acquired by DAOLaunch via a Buy-Back system when launched on the market using the allocated grant. The tokens purchased with the Buy-Back award are automatically burned. 

Users can utilize the platform to create decentralized venture capital NFTs (DVC-NFT), vote, and track investment performance on the blockchain. Individuals with a solid investment record might negotiate advantageous investment arrangements.  

DAOLaunch intends to establish a new market in the cryptocurrency decentralized financial sector.  


The platform's unique feature is that it operates as a decentralized protocol. It links blockchain investors and start-ups directly. Additionally, it provides one-of-a-kind fundraising choices to the start-up world and offers an ecosystem that is tailor-made for them. 

There are simple ways for anyone to design their token and sell it on the platform, and this feature is available to both sides. Besides, individuals can create and alter their projects, which is a benefit where consumers can do everything on the DAOLaunch from creation to strengthening their business brand. 

Finally, the NFT Farm concept allows start-ups to lock in liquidity while rewarding their most ardent supporters. Concisely, this enables all firms to set up a farming pool for users that stake local tokens or offer liquidity. Easily create token utility by farming the exclusive NFT with DAOLaunch, or raise TVL to compensate liquidity providers by farming the exclusive NFT. 


DAOLaunch has also announced three new collaborations for its members; they are in the same month, one day apart from each other. On November 17th, they collaborated with TrustPad; on November 18th with BSC Station; and finally, on November 19th, with  

Leading investors include ZBS Capital, x21 Digital, BSC Station, Meridian Capital, and Onebit Venture. Recent advancements include new alliances and integrations with Shiden, the third parachain on the Kusama network, and over $2 million in $SDN staking is underway. 

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