User-Friendly Blockchain Environment as a Core Standard of KaratGold’s Policy

Jun 22, 2019 at 14:08 // PR
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However, trusting first instincts is just as dangerous as trusting your data and financial assets to the first random network.

Indeed, the blockchain network may seem sufficiently daunting for an average user. However, trusting first instincts is just as dangerous as trusting your data and financial assets to the first random network. How can one make the right choice when debating over the high-profile, sophisticated company and mass-oriented practicable one? Towards what would you tip the balance? And, most importantly, why would you do that?

Even Karatbars‘ most seasoned experts in finances, management, marketing, and technology happened to be unable to answer. The motivation behind designing a censorship-resistant, permissionless, full-fledged blockchain entailed the elaboration of K-Universe — the end-user friendly ecosystem under KaratGold Coin company. 

When getting to the bottom of a new financial era of instant cross-border value transfers for the blockchain-based economy, one will inevitably start with software, created explicitly for unobstructed access to do business in blockchain in cryptocurrency. K-Merchant provides users of every stripe with the possibility to perform the stated functions. Incorporated in self-generating, resistant to external interference financial ecosystem, it gives an already built-in extended array of payment module integrations for current top-rated e-commerce platforms. 


Suffice to say that just by adding them to Karat’s adaptable for customer’s needs modules integrated with the e-commerce platforms, which are at the heights of popularity crypto transfers may be carried out in a matter of few minutes. Not to mention one of the most customer-conducive features of the product, tailored checkout, which virtually guaranteed your own unique experience in the network. Available instruments enable drafting your logo, designating customized color scheme, etc.


The central principle concept of a user-friendly policy of KaratGold Coin remains quality targeting. We successfully incorporated seamless UX and continuous conversion rate optimization (CRO) for the most enjoyable experience in our stabilized global infrastructure. For mobility and easy-access, KGC lobbies the instrument of Innovative Dashboard. At the heart of this invention lies the idea of gaining access to multiple providers and banking entities but with a single integration.

It would be unjust to assume that there is no such thing as “usable crypto,” especially in the light of recent technological software upgrading. There is nothing to argue about: an average mass customer of blockchain product is not eager to sacrifice a pleasant experience for an intricate but safely encrypted one. Luckily, KaratGold Coin leaves its user with the third option — a privacy-oriented and user-friendly environment with entities, specially developed for the fulfillment of this option.


As Karatbars‘ team tries to push the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a technology, we've launched K-Merchant, a perfect instrument for businesses for seamless integration of crypto into their processes. Everything runs automatically, legally secure and above all quickly: The customer initiates a payment via K-Merchant, the system validates it and the process is completed – irrevocably and without costs. The payments are then credited to the service provider in the twinkling of an eye and irreversibly. All it takes is a simple scan!

For those profoundly interested in learning more about Karatbars’ product selection, it is recommendable to go to the official website:

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