Tutellus to Leverage Blockchain for Its Education Platform

May 19, 2018 at 09:47 // News
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Tutellus to leverage blockchain

If you’ve been following the news, you probably know that there is a great hype around the cryptocurrency market nowadays. It’s not just about stratospheric rises in the value of various coins, but blockchain technology, the framework the cryptocurrencies are built upon. Being a decentralized public ledger, blockchain technology possesses great reliability and transparency, thus providing a great solution for people who deal with a considerable amount of information.

This innovative technology has already been proposed as a way of transforming governance, the economy, businesses and the functioning of organizations. Soon, the blockchain revolution will come for the education sector.

The disruptive and decentralized nature of the blockchain hasn’t gone unnoticed by institutions within the traditional system. For instance, Holberton School in San Francisco, which offers project-based education, uses blockchain technology to create and store issued certificates. 

Tutellus demonstrates that data storage is not the only issue that blockchain is able to solve. Underpinned by its NEM-based blockchain, the Tutellus platform offers a first-of-its-kind incentive system to the benefit of both teachers and students.

“Our ecosystem will pay students for learning and remunerate teachers according to their impact in the success of their students. It’s simple: the more you learn, the more money you get, the more relevant you are in the Community and the more visible you become to companies that may be interested in you”, Miguel Caballero, CEO of Tutellus, says.

In contrast to other greenfield projects in the blockchain-enabled education field, the Tutellus platform is not started from scratch. Tutellus first launched its platform in May 2013, and has since built a base of 1 million loyal students, 130 000 video courses, and 3000 teachers.

The Tutellus ecosystem provides two kinds of tokens for its users: TUT and Smart TUT (STUT). The former, TUT token, is designed for clients to be able to purchase services and video courses on the platform. The students’ relevance and rating will be measured in STUT (Smart TUT) tokens.

Having partnered with Cryptonomos platform, Tutellus is now about to join the “ICO hype”. It launches its own ICO in mid-May, 2018. A pre-sale of TUT tokens begins on May 10. During this period, Tutellus provides users with a 20% bonus; the minimum purchase amount is 5 ETH.

A public token sale begins on June 12, 2018 and stays open until either July 12 or the hardcap of $40 million is reached.


Details of the Token Sale

1.    Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 15 000 TUT;

2.    Min. contribution: 0.05 ETH;

3.    Acceptable means of payment: ETH, BTC, XEM, LTC, BCH, ZCASH, DASH.

4.    Bonuses for early birds: up to 10%.

Tutellus also offers special bonuses for large investors that are discussed individually with every purchaser.

Company attaches the great importance to the further use of the funds raised. Tutellus plans to allocate the funds to product and engineering (40%), sales and marketing (20%), publicity and PR (20%), operations (10%), security, loyalty and reserves (10%).

To participate in Tutellus ICO, visit the website tutellus.cryptonomos.com and go through the Know Your Client (KYC) procedure to enter the whitelist.

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