Transparent Blockchain iGaming Platform, TrueGame is Ahead of The Coming Market Boom

Mar 24, 2018 at 12:23 // News
TrueGame is ahead of market boom

Gambling online has become one of the most lucrative industries since the advent of online mobile gambling, and now anybody with a smart device can access websites and applications in an instant.

Growing Pains

The Online Gambling Industry (iGaming) is making significant revenue increases year by year, and it is growing fast; in 2016 it was worth 44.16 Billion USD globally and is estimated to come in just under double that figure at 81.71 Billion USD by 2022.

Mobile gambling will be one of the most significant portions of this, as the market is expected to be one of the most profitable parts of the iGaming industry in the future, but despite growth across all platforms, there are still issues within the industry that are in need of addressing.

Government regulations, security issues, high tax rates and proper software handling are all present challenges that are causing trust issues between players, regulators and iGaming platforms.

Evident Problems

The problem with virtual casinos, scratch cards, lotteries etc., is that the player cannot see how the algorithms calculate the winners; pure random chance is the part of the inherent thrill of gambling, and more often than not, players can't help but be sceptical at best.

Transparency is a must, and the iGaming industry isn't too big on that idea, but if they could provide more of that, then perhaps more trust could be gained. Players can’t see how many people have taken part in a particular game, who won what and what the winning amount was.

Blockchain Technology Providing the Remedy

TrueGame is an iGaming platform that is a breath of fresh air to the market, TrueGame has managed to combine iGaming and Blockchain technology to create an already up and running platform that restores trust by delivering a highly transparent, fair and secure iGaming experience.

TrueGame uses pure random mathematical probability and luck to provide players with the chance to win across games such as scratch cards, prize draws, lotteries etc.

In 2017, the platform went live and was met with critical acclaim, the game algorithms and random number generation codes are open and available to be seen on GitHub.

The blockchain allows players to check the jackpot size and winnings data and is available for anyone who so wishes to see it, furthermore neither the game nor distribution of winnings can be interfered with by TrueGame or manipulated by anyone else. TrueGame also locks all the funds in smart contracts that pays winnings automatically.

It's a brilliant innovation on Blockchain and smart contract technology. Being ahead of the exponential iGaming market growth that is expected to come, TrueGame has overcome vital issues that would prevent other iGaming platforms to reap the rewards of that coming boom.

TrueGame wants to take the platform further and are in the midst of their Token Generation Event (TGE) which began March 5th, 2018 and ends April 15th, 2018, which is just ahead of their general TGE on April 16th, 2018.

At present, there is a pre-sale bonus of 30% (1 ETH = 12,950 TGAME Bonus Included) and will enter into a 20% Bonus stage beginning April 2nd, 2018.

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