Triforce Tokens Gaming Platform Launches Beta Version of MOBA Game Wargate and Offers 50 ETH and Free FORCE Tokens

May 05, 2018 at 14:36 // News
TriForce Tokens launches Wargate

Decentralized platforms are only as successful as the incentives in engaging in them. It is true that Bitcoin may never have had succeeded as much as it has if miners weren’t provided the incentive to make it more secure by dedicating computing resources. All new Blockchain platforms offer incentive tokens for people to keep them engaged.

Decentralized gaming platform TriForce has recently announced that it is launching popular developer MOBA’s game WarGate on the platform and its Native RaidParty App with over 50 ETH and free FORCE tokens up for grabs for users who engage during a limited timeframe.

The new tokens, etc will be available on the launch of the native RaidParty app by TriForce on May 7, 2018 at the start of next week.

Prizes Galore

TriForce has announced different prizes for gamers on the platform. They include a mammoth 10 ETH for one team who wins their flagship game WarGate. WarGate is an engaging multiplayer game that involves a 3 on 3 contest MOBA on mobile platforms including iOS and Android. To qualify for the mega prize, players must compete in at least 10 matches within the 30 day reward period and then the name will be entered into the prize draw for a chance to win 10 ETH.


However, the release is limited to the first 150,000 players who sign up first on the RaidParty website. Only these entrants will be qualified to win the top ETH and FORCE tokens jackpots.

Other major prizes include a nice 3 ETH prize for one player on their running game called Twisty Roads. Players who score more than 150 will be available for the running prize draw.

In addition to these big ETH prizes, free FORCE tokens will also be rewarded for completing certain tasks on a range of games available on the TriForce platform. These tokens can later on be redeemed for gaming merchandise, exclusive content and even traded with other cryptocurrencies.

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TriForce Profile

TriForce is one of the pioneering entities in the Blockchain gaming industry. It focuses on incentivizing top gamers and those grinding in hours to earn tokens that can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies. Other users can pay to learn from top gamers and buy their favorite eSports team merchandise and gaming brand merchandise online as well.

TriForce is also partnering with a big game publishing studio in TheGameWall Studios -- based out of Cambridge, UK. TheGameWall has a considerable experience in the game development industry with deep ties to the Latin America gaming scene with over 10 million gamers in their communities along with and

Sign up to win free ETH and FORCE Tokens on the RaidParty website:

Visit the Official TriForce Tokens Website:

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