TrakInvest Taps Hedera Hashgraph Next Generation Distributed Ledger Technology to Build its App

May 23, 2018 at 11:05 // News

TrakInvest, the Asian-based tokenized virtual trading platform, has officially announced its migration to the trust layer of the Internet, Hedera hashgraph.

TrakInvest will move its tokenized ecosystem, including academic certifications, trading data ownership, and reputation systems to Hedera hashgraph’s trustless and distributed consensus platform offering lightning fast, transparent, and secure mediums of direct exchange without the hassle of establishing trust first. The company will be leveraging this unique platform for its  Digital Certifications Program (“DCP”), enabling it to establish the required protocols and infrastructure to academically certify Asian institutions on a public distributed ledger.

Bobby Bhatia, Founder & CEO of TrakInvest declared:

“We are very proud to be working with Hedera hashgraph on a number of initiatives. We believe Hedera will provide the best in class platform and technology solution for TrakInvest to execute its current and planned product offerings including certifications, Trak AI prediction tools, and financial products”

Learn, Share and Earn

TrakInvest’s ecosystem is based on an innovative “learn, share, and earn” business model that empowers retail investor and all exchanges of value by integrating the concept of transparent and secure track records to the investment model and facilitating institutional grade analytical and providing AI tools for better decision making on the fly.

TrakInvest offers one of the most enterprising solutions for traders, enabling users to share their trading data to the community in real-time for a fee. The increasing demands for this exciting feature is the reason why the company has now partnered with Hedera hashgraph to utilize its infrastructure for processing hundreds of thousands of transactions every second, deal with micropayments, and address high-volume transactions in real-time.  

“TrakInvest’s idea to become a global trading resource built on distributed ledger technology is innovative,” says Edgar Seah, Head of Asia Pacific for Hedera

A.I Engine

TrakInvest has also announced its AI Engine tool will launch in August 2018. The tool, which focuses on unlocking informed decision making for traders through the provision of crypto market insights from heterogeneous market data, possess three unique features setting it apart from anything else on the market. These are:

  • TrakInvest Knowledge Graph

  • Sentiment Engine

  • Continuous Learning.

These features bestows upon users the ability to gain superior market insights derived from timely processing heterogeneous datasets through the use of TRAK tokens. TRAK tokens eliminates the torturous veracity process involved in filtering market data.  


Hello Future

Hedera hashgraph is set to greatly scale-up TrakInvest’s capabilities, ushering hitherto benefits to the whole ecosystem and partner institutions through significant improvements in the exchange of values, processing of information, throughput, transaction costs, and security.

“Increasingly, organizations and applications want to use Hedera because of its speed, fairness and security. We will enable developers to build a new class of distributed applications never before possible, and are excited that TrakInvest has selected Hedera as its platform of choice.

About TrakInvest

TrakInvest is world’s 1st virtual social trading platform powered by a proprietary AI engine. TrakInvest is headquartered in Singapore with operations across Thailand, Hong Kong and India. It has been operating since 2014 with 100,000+ users across Asia. TrakInvest is well poised for growth as it has recently conducted its $33m TGE. TRAK is currently listed on and

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