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May 09, 2018 at 11:22 // News
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Security has to be the number one concern for anyone trading cryptocurrencies. Other features are important too – ease of use, low or zero fees and functionality – but security has to rank highest of all features. After all, it’s no good having an easy path into trading if the threat of hacking or scams looms high.

TOKPIE = Secure

With TOKPIE, a unique P2P Cryptocurrency-Fiat and Swap Exchange, security is placed at the top of its list. Unlike other exchanges, TOKPIE acts as a guarantor, holding users’ crypto-assets in multi-signature hardware storage, and then makes deposits to buyers’ accounts upon payment confirmation. It enjoys higher security due to a range of measures to protect users’ crypto-assets and privacy, including SSL/TLS encryption, cold storage for crypto assets, multi-signature wallets and 2FA authentication. In addition, it implements ID verification to comply with KYC and AML policies.

It is important to stress this – for once a trader is secure then the other features can be enjoyed and TOKPIE certainly enjoys more than the average exchange.

Zero Transaction Fees

The next compelling feature for TOKPIE is its zero commission transactions. This is a boon for anyone wanting to exchange coins and not face high transaction costs. Exchanges have been greedy in the past and where a monopoly existed they could and did charge high fees. However, TOKPIE have decided to put the small trader first and guarantees zero commission, This is not an opening gambit but a long term play. TOKPIE will charge large users, trading more than $100,000 a fee, meaning that smaller traders can trade without losing potential profits to fees.

Any fiat – crypto pairing is possible

TOKPIE is also unique in that it is P2P and allows trading of all fiat and all cryptocurrency – basically it does not dictate what you can trade. If you can find a counterpart then you can trade.

This allows people globally to buy and sell any crypto-assets at transparent prices nominated in any local fiat or digital (coins, altcoins, tokens) currencies, using any payment method. The transactions on TOKPIE are easy, safe and FREE of charge.

By encapsulating various locations, currency pairs (crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto), and payment methods into unique tradeable instruments, TOKPIE supports peer-to-peer real-time auctions, price charting gears, price alerts and many other sophisticated tools, which cannot be provided by traditional P2P crypto exchanges.



Fair prices, Transparency and efficiency

TOKPIE’s concept of encapsulating main trading parameters such as country, base cryptocurrency, quote currency (fiat or coins or tokens) and method of payment into unique tradeable instruments gives users exclusive all-in-one tools for successful and profitable peer-to-peer trading. The basic tools include real-time auctions organized in order books, price charting, price alerts and notifications, watch list, top 10 movers, top 10 markets, and spread analysis for instant arbitrage trading.


Gamification-based Customer Service

TOKPIE offers an elevated level of customer service by using gamification principles to engage support staff and experienced users. Based on the Zendesk community support tools, a rewards system will offer additional earnings, personal recognition, and status based on metrics including customer satisfaction, case volumes, average resolution times and volume and quality of knowledge articles created.

Highly Economical & Scalable

At TOKPIE, the fees, nominated in  TOKPIE tokens (TKP), will be ZERO forever for most users and only high-volume traders (over $100,000 per month) and corporate users will pay fees, which in all cases will remain low and competitive. The platform is highly scalable due to the usage of tools like Exchange Spread Analysis tool which shows opportunities for all types of traders arising between TOKPIE’s instruments and other exchange. In addition, P2P loans, Dark Pool Order Books, B2B Order Books, ready-to-use infrastructure for 3rd parties token sales and ability to get features of Crypto Indexes, Crypto Index Funds, Crypto Futures and Crypto Options., is an added benefit.

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To know more about the platform and explore its features to start trading over it, please visit

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