World Cup Gift: A Swedish Sports Brand Wants Same-Sex Marriage on Blockchain

Jun 15, 2018 at 09:37 // News
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World Cup gift

A giant Swedish sports fashion brand, Björn Borg, has contrived a big campaign to call out Russia and the rest of countries that haven't yet permitted under law gay marriage.

Björn Borg believes that Marriage Unblocked is a great platform and website company built to enable anyone to exchange vows and get married on blockchain in public or anonymously.

Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Marketing Director at Björn Borg also believes that sport is love and love is equal considering that the first basic right is to love your friend. So with this new platform called Marriage Unblocked can help decentralise power and start up marriages for everyone who wishes and wants to enter into marriage.

The fact that the launch is coinciding with the official opening of World Cup held in Russia is "no coincidence,  according to the Björn Borg official. The fashion house enticed the government of Russia headed by president Vladimir Putin with a rainbow-colored ad saying "Björn Borg says da!" during when expanding to Russia in 2013.

Two Swiss women were the first people to exchange vows on Marriage Unblocked. Switzerland is among the 87% world's countries that don't legally recognise same-sex marriages.

"Our blockchain-wedding will not give us equal or legal rights yet, but the feeling of coming closer to acceptance is a huge step forward," said the couple, Alexandra and Sybille.

Thomas Backlund, founder of Superblocks, the platform's tech provider noted that blockchain is not just a technological revolution but rather a primary socioeconomic revolution and he further praised Marriage Unblocked as a great example of how blockchain technology can be used to question how marriage is controlled, managed and set up.

Björn Borg is currently inviting all gay couples in general from all corners of the world to formalise their love on blockchain and emphasised that divorces or annulments matters won't be handled since marriage on blockchain is engineered to last forever.

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