Spectre Attracts Traders with its Disruptive Decentralised Broker-Less Platform that Brings up to 400% in Returns

Nov 01, 2022 at 09:41 // News
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Spectre.ai disrupts trading

Spectre online platform attracts the attention of numerous traders as it offers them excellent opportunities to make money within seconds. It supports numerous assets, from conventional to revolutionary cryptocurrencies, so everyone has the opportunity to find the option that allows them to maximise their income.

By using a decentralised autonomous liquidity pool, Spectre allows its users to trade around the clock, without breaks or interruptions. All trades are managed using the Ethereum blockchain. 

Friendly to traders 

Getting started on Spectre is quite easy, even without a significant amount of money. Due to the short-term speculative trading model, deals can be started with as little as $1. The trading time starts from 1 second up to a day, which provides excellent opportunities for intraday trading. 

Moreover, the platform offers an incentive program (SIP) to increase the loyalty of its clients. The program is composed of exclusive weekly and annual trading tournaments aimed at increasing the overall activity on the platform. Each week, the trader who has generated the most revenue receives an additional $1,000 bonus. At the end of the year, the trader who has generated the most income will receive $50,000. The money can be further used for trading to generate even more income. 


Another prominent advantage of Spectre.ai's trading platform is its referral program, which allows for generating lifelong passive income. Whenever a trader brings along a friend, one gets 50% of Spectre’s fee on every deal made by the referral. So, the bigger the volume, the bigger the referral reward. Besides, it is based solely on the volume of successful trades and excludes trading losses. Therefore, no conflict of interest arises. 

Gamifying trading 

To make trading even more exciting and fun, Spectre has developed the "Trader's Bay", a feature that introduces game elements into the process. This feature makes earning profits easy and fun, making trading more attractive to new users. Besides, it is easier to learn how to trade effectively when the process resembles a game. 

With Trader's Bay features, various boosts and bonuses can be acquired, including a boost to double the income or even increase it by 400%. 

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Standing out among brokers 

Gamifying is not the only feature that sets Spectre apart from other trading providers and brokers. While most brokers make money when traders lose, Spectre charges a volume-based technology fee that is independent of trading results. Therefore, there is no reason to influence it in any way. Combined with the Ethereum blockchain and global audit technology, this provides users with unparalleled transparency. 

Currently, over 140,000 traders benefit from numerous assets, like forex, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. The platform has already paid them over $20 million in winnings. 

However, it attracts not only traders but also bot-builders, auto traders and developers by allowing access to the platform’s API. The rewards for developers vary from 0.5% of all volumes and up to 30% of the winning trade payouts. Therefore, soon enough traders might see new independent solutions such as trading bots, auto-trading and other solutions helpful for maximising profits. 

In the near future, Spectre plans to improve its platform and mobile app interface and add CFDs, other digital assets, more DeFi coins, and global equities to improve the experience and attract even more traders who make profits on a daily basis.

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