SmartO Project ICO - The New Stage of Evolution

Feb 28, 2018 at 18:08 // News

Our whole life consists of solving problems and achieving our goals. These everyday activities take from us a lot of time, efforts, money and prevent us from concentrating on the main task. Now we have a super-solution: the SmartO Project!

What is SmartO?

SmartO is a universal mobile application that will make our life easier, more convenient and organized. In addition, SmartO gives its users the opportunity to earn money effortlessly!

SmartO platform is a whole world of mobile service capabilities united into one powerful system with the use of blockchain technology:

• Smart organizer;

• Interactive navigator;

• Instant messenger;

• Personal assistant with adaptive algorithm and many other useful services.


How does SmartO work?

You simply enter tasks into the application (standard or voice input) and then a powerful expert system, located on cloud servers, starts working. This system analyzes data from thousands of sources, other applications, geo-information systems nonstop and solves optimization problems with one purpose: to tell you how, when and in what order to solve all your tasks in the most efficient and easy way.

Example: "One day with SmartO app"

This morning your alarm clock rings a little bit earlier. This is because SmartO has analyzed all the tasks that you entered on beforehand. Besides the App took into account the weather conditions: there was a snowfall at night so the way to work would take more time.

When your drive to work a notification from SmartO comes: your wife has added a request to buy baby food to your to-do list. It's good that SmartO has such a feature and you do not have to stop the car, look for a pen and write everything down.

At work your task is to check a situation on the remote sites. To do this you set assignments to subordinates in the SmartO chat room and monitor their performance throughout the day. When their working day ends the guards come out to the facilities and this is confirmed by SmartO (thanks to geo-location it is possible to track the guards’ movement across the territory).

On the way home SmartO takes into account traffic jams, recommends you a new route and prompts: on this route you can do some things that you planned for other days! Besides when you approach the grocery store, SmartO reminds you of the wife's request to buy everything she wanted. So today you have time to do much more and have the opportunity to meet with a friend in a bar later.

And before going to bed, you can check out your favorite fishing chat rooms. And all this thanks to SmartO!

SmartO Business Model

SmartO is targeted at a very wide audience. Millions of people will install SmartO on their smartphones.

Following the millions of SmartO users business will join the App to use SmartO as an advertising platform to promote its goods and services. Users will see the goods and services of suppliers registered within SmartO. Their offers will be displayed on the map along the user's route.

SmartO Business Model

The SmartO platform in its turn offers business the following:

• Direct access to the target audience;

• An increase in the company's turnover;

• Reduce advertising costs by up to 50%;

• A tool for optimizing business processes.

More information about SmartO for business, please, visit:

It is worth to mention that SmartO has completely changed the principle of viewing and placing ads: if previously users did not receive anything from viewing ads, in SmartO the user receives 60% of the advertising budget.

In total, in the SmartO system there are five types of monetization for users. More about it you can read in the Project’s White Paper. Many of those processes are automated and do not require additional actions from the user.

SmartO is a new stage of evolution

SmartO is a new stage of evolution

SmartO integrates all known applications such as instant messenger, navigator, organizer and much more for everyday use into one unique and versatile free mobile app.

As you remember the same kind of evolution has taken place recently in case of cell phones, cameras and music players. All this and even more is now available in just one smartphone.

The SmartO project ICO in a nutshell

The SmartO project ICO clearly defines the benefits and guarantees for investors:

• 100% investment insurance;

• 100% guaranteed profitability

On the pre-ICO you can get the maximum discount of 30% from 6 to 15 April.

For detailed conditions of SmartO ICO, please visit

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