Shping: A Tokenized Marketing Platform With Cryptocurrency Rewards for Shoppers!

Feb 10, 2018 at 12:51 // PR
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Over the past one year there has been a major rise in awareness when it comes to cryptocurrencies. An increasing number of people are now making use of cryptocurrencies than ever before. However, cryptocurrency is yet to make its mainstream presence felt in retail markets. Shping offers just the perfect solution to that. Shping offers a platform which allows brands and retailers to incentivize shopping with the help of cryptocurrency tokens.

The name ‘shping’ is short for ‘shopping’. The Shping platform also offers a cryptocurrency token, the Shping Coin, the ticker code for which is SHPING. Incentivized shopping has often proven to show strong results. It is better than advertising and helps spread promotions at a rapid rate. When the incentive is a cryptocurrency, it takes things to a whole new level.

Shping caters to the retail shopping sector - which is expected to grow to a mammoth $28 Trillion globally.

Benefits to Businesses and Brands

Shping offers a number of benefits. It isn’t just a cryptocurrency token but a full-fledged marketing platform. How Shping works is that users make use of the Shping app to scan product barcodes and learn more about the products. Here, businesses can insert surveys or opinion polls to gauge how well their product is being perceived in the markets.

Using the Shping app, businesses can have customers fill surveys, write reviews, watch product videos, etc. In exchange for performing these actions, the customers will be awarded Shping Coin cryptocurrency tokens.

The biggest advantage for businesses is the fact that they do not need to invest heavily in ad spends or in market researches as this can now directly be done at the retail outlets on the Shping platform. Moreover, discounts can now be given in the form of Shping coins, thereby making sure businesses are not reducing price off the original products. Another major benefit comes in the reduction of advertising costs as the consumer can be educated about the existing or even upcoming products by watching videos on the app.

Shping aims at becoming the biggest global product database, which will also allow customers to add products to the data-pool. The platform already has 30 Million products listed on it form around the world. Eventually, Shping’s goal is to become a ‘product search engine’.

Benefits to Shoppers

While Shping benefits the businesses, the platform also benefits the customers.

To begin with, customers get a global product search engine which they can use to look up for the ideal products. However, the biggest benefit is perhaps the fact that customers can now make a well-educated and more informed choice. Various products can be compared and a final decision can be made as to which one suits their needs the best.

Moreover, the Shping Coin rewards are another major benefit for the customers. Considering how the cryptocurrency markets are booming, these tokens can be more valuable than any discounts the retailer has to offer!

Details on the Shping Coin Tokens

Shping Coins (SHPING) have been capped at 10 Billion. There will only ever be 10 Billion Shping Coins in circulation. At the time of sale, each Shping Coin has been priced in at $0.01. 50% of the total supply, i.e. 5 Billion SHPING tokens are available for sale at the moment, valued in at $50 Million in total.

As of this writing, the only way to acquire SHPING cryptocurrency tokens is via the token sale, or via earning them using the Shping App. Once the token sale is complete, these tokens will be available to purchase from cryptocurrency exchanges on open markets. To get hold of SHPING tokens, you can head over to:


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