Seven Reasons You Should Invest in Digital Land

Dec 27, 2017 at 09:25 // News

Real estate has always been a good investment, yet problems often arise when purchasing a plot at a prime location in a big city. A tiny piece of land in Paris or London is incredibly expensive and even if you’ve got the money, practically all the top spots are already taken. However, buying artificial land in virtual worlds such as Second Life, Sansar, Decentraland or High Fidelity is not only easy, but also promises to be a profitable trend of the future.

Hundreds of millions of people visit virtual worlds every month. The market for in-game purchases has grown to $37 billion and could double by 2020. Thanks to Nintendo, Apple and Google, augmented reality (AR) is transforming into a powerful global industry.

According to Tim Cook, the head of Apple, AR is “not a product per se, it's a core technology.” The digital environment is a new frontier where you can design incredible projects at the most popular places on the planet.

The blockchain-powered Arcona AR platform will become one of the first digital universes. Here are some of the reasons you should invest in digital land.

1. Real Estate Favors Innovations that Improve Sales

AR allows owners to create digital buildings and place them on construction sites or at exhibitions to attract investors. The public will be able to examine ambitious architectural projects, such as the Beijing Daxing Airport, in great detail before they are completed. Arcona can also help architectural projects that have not yet found financial support garner publicity.

2. AR Can Turn any City Object into an Advertising Platform

A billboard in a top location costs at least $10,000 per month and many cities do not allow advertising in protected historical areas. Using AR, advertisers can place virtual ads on any building or monument. With inexpensive Arcona tools everyone from multinational corporations to a coffee shop owner will be able to create their own ads. There are no restrictions on virtual advertising, because it’s accessible digitally and doesn’t mar the physical look of a city.

3. The First Digitalized Zones Will Appear in the World’s Most Iconic Places

Among the first areas slated for virtual development include Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, the City of London, Constitution Square in Mexico City, New York’s Soho, the First District of Paris and the Forbidden City in Beijing. When exploring a new area, visitors look for entertainment options, shops, banks, transportation, restaurants and cafes. Digital Land will accommodate new tourist facilities and attractions, such as digital stores, AR exhibitions and performances. Digital time machines will demonstrate what cities looked like 100 or even 500 years ago.

5. Arcona Will be Your Guide to the Virtual World

Just like Google, Arcona will have its own navigation system showing all AR projects located nearby. It will be your guide to the AR world. The Arcona navigator will show the way to the next virtual object and tell you what to pay attention to along the way.

6. Educational Programming will Move from the Classroom to the Street

You can witness historic events, while globally famous architectural masterpieces appear before your eyes. With new technology you’ll be able to send a rocket into space or examine an exotic animal up close. Arcona will take the lead in facilitating the development of new AR educational projects.

7. Arcona will Stimulate the Gaming Market

Thanks to Arcona, developers will be able to create game solutions faster and easier, providing the opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas. They will be able to connect their games with local brands.

Augmented reality is an infinite source of inspiration and blockchain technology offers assurances and transparency. Many industries and businesses around the globe are looking for tech solutions in diverse areas. Arcona can help in providing answers.

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