Safe Exchange Coin Announces Anonymous Market Roadmap

Feb 21, 2017 at 10:39 // News

In a world where centrally controlled marketplaces dominate our economic system, and privacy and anonymity are not honored - the Safe Exchange Coin organization announces a development roadmap for an anonymous marketplace that is hosted on a blockchain.

On February 14, Safe Exchange Coin published a Development Roadmap for Chille Blockchain, telling the world that their objectives are plans and ideas for making a private and anonymous marketplace possible.

It gives a sensation of something brand new stirring up in the outskirts of the well-known, but also flawed, economic system that we are used to having by now and everyone can benefit from this. Daniel Dabek, the founder of Safe Exchange Coin, explains to

"What I wanted to do is create something that didn't need registration with the government, that could still allow people to vote and own it, and that its global, that anybody can become a part of it - so that no one needs to fill out all the paperwork to get involved. Also, to gather a group of people who are interested in the idea that Safe Exchange Coin wanted to do, and that idea is to create a marketplace that can't be shut down, that is secure from interferences by people and it's rewarding to the people who made it."

That marketplace is called Chille Blockchain, an untraceable network that is a new development of a Blockchain on CryptoNote technology. Its stability and security are in its anonymity.

Safe Exchange

In the new update on Chille Blockchain published by Safe Exchange Coin, Dabek makes sure that every step is announced so that people can have a clear idea of what exactly is going on and what they can expect from their organisation in the future...

"First of all, this implementation is going to be written completely in Rust. Development is broken down into three major phases. They are Alpha One, Alpha Two, and Beta which will be the actual Launch when any major bugs are patched in the Beta", he said.

In their official update statement, Daniel wrote that their "first stop is anonymizing and decentralizing trade", how does he plan to do that?

"We are developing based on the existing CryptoNote architecture which allows us to perform untraceable transactions; of course we are making significant modifications to accommodate our use case. A whitepaper on the method is planned to document the implementation around Alpha One Public Test", Daniel explained to

Daniel Dabek, Safe exchange coin

If you're interested in Chille coins, you will have to wait until the end of May to find out their true value, because right now, Chille is not circulating and at that time it will be placed on the market.

Daniel informed:

"The target date to begin releasing is May 2017. We've just moved past planning and testing. We are now developing what will be the Chille Blockchain Core. Chille Coins are not yet available because they will only be available when mining has begun at the Beta Launch; however, the Safe Exchange Coin holders will share in a percentage of the total issuance of Chille Coins once they are live. So if you're holding Safe Exchange Coin in your own wallet prior to launch you'll be credited some Chille Coins. Safe Exchange Coins are traded on Bittrex Exchange and the website". 

Safe Exchange and Chille Blockchain update is available online and you can also see information about the organization’s funds because everything about this organization is transparent.

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