Romanian Minister of Commerce Inviting Blockchain Technology

Feb 22, 2017 at 10:35 // News

On February 21, Alexandru Petrescu announces intent to invest in blockchain technology during the Decentralization Conference (D10e) in Bucharest Romania. This marks the world’s fastest growing economy participation in blockchain tech.

Romania’s Minister of Commerce, Alexandru Petrescu delivered the key note speech that opened up the Decentralization Conference (D10e) in Bucharest Romania and he said:

“Make Romania a place to start a business and improve payments. Think of Pilots that points to enter Europe through Romania. Romania as a turn key solution to your business.”

Romania’s Minister of Commerce, Alexandru Petrescu

The reason why Romania has a strong payment network is a direct result of Petrescu’s leadership. He identifies the power that the blockchain has for improving infrastructure for payments:

“I am aware of the shortcomings [of payment networks] and we are interested to invest in infrastructure, blockchain applications that are compatible.”

Augustin Jianu, Minister of Romanian Ministry of Telecommunication commented to directly about the program that the Romanian Department of Economic Affairs and Small Industry is in the process of creating. Jianu stated:

“The program goal is to subsidize research in blockchain technology as a platform for development of new business models including to share goods and resources as well as energy. We hope to publish the program when it is ready.” 

The D10e - Conference on Decentralization is hosting more than 150 blockchain industry leaders who are discussing the future of blockchain technology and how it applies to decentralization. People who are attending the conference are leaders in cyber security, investing, and blockchain technology. Some of the big names include John McAfee, Mike Costache, Brock Pierce, Daniel Dabek, as well as ministers of the Romanian government.

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